Steelseries Apex Pro

Steelseries is a company that knows gaming. Since first arriving on the scene in 2001, Steelseries has been a familiar face when it comes to esports and professional gaming. They have always strived to create the very best for the players and teams who depend on their products. It’s no different for the consumers either as the very same products that make it to the pros are also the very same products that make it to the hands of your average gamer, regardless of skill level. I know I’ve been using Steelseries products for years now and will continue to do so as long as they keep pumping out quality products.

So with that said, here’s the very best that Steelseries has to offer in 2021.

Steelseries Ghost Collection


The Steelseries APEX 7 TKL is one of the best mechanical keyboards Steelseries has to offer, while the Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless is their lightest wireless mouse available. Pair them together and you have a winning combination. Offer them up in a Limited Edition Ghost colorway and you have something other gamers will envy.

Apex 7 TKL Ghost – From the makers of the world’s best-selling TKL keyboard, the limited-edition Apex 7 TKL Ghost Edition keyboard features a form factor TenKeyLess design with mechanical switches guaranteed for 50 million keypresses. An integrated OLED Smart Display with on-board storage serves as a command center for on-the-fly info from a game or Discord, while an unmatched per-key RGB illumination lights your setup with 16.8 million brilliant colors. Double shot PBT pudding keycaps, an unbreakable aluminum alloy frame, and a limited-edition ghost colorway make this a true standout mechanical keyboard. Layouts are available in US, UK, NOR.

Apex 7 TKL Ghost – North America for $149.99.

Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost – The SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost Edition mouse is engineered for the fastest swipes, so gamers can beat the competition to the trigger. When milliseconds count, speed matters. Featuring an ultra-lightweight 68g design perfectly optimized for super light mouse swipes, a TrueMove Air sensor, and silky smooth 100% Virgin Grade PTFE glide skates, the Aerox 3 Wireless mouse sets and standard for lightweight enhanced control and speed. A 200-hour battery life with fast charging ensures stress-free dual wireless, while the water-resistant AquaBarrier™ provides safety. A USB-C cable makes for easy connectivity and aftermarket customization.

Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost – North America for $99.99.

Steelseries Apex Pro


If a TKL keyboard isn’t your thing and you prefer a more traditional, full-sized layout, then Steelseries has you covered with Apex Pro and its first-of-its-kind adjustable mechanical switches. This is thanks in part to its patented OmniPoint switches that allow for customizable per-key sensitivity. The switch can be activated at a high, sensitive actuation point of 0.4mm, or as low and long as 3.6mm.

Other notable features include five onboard profiles on the keyboard, an included magnetic wrist rest, and an OLED smart display that allows users to customize the actuation and lighting straight from the keyboard. It also shows instant notifications
from apps like Discord and Spotify, and games like CS:GO and Dota2.

Apex Pro – North America $199.99

Steelseries Arctis 7P+


Steelseries makes some of the world’s best gaming headsets and their Arctis 7+ and Arctis 7P+ are among the best out there. Both gaming headsets are similar and build upon Steelseries’ award-winning designs and heritage. The Arctis 7+ and Arctis 7P+ wireless gaming headsets deliver new features that gamers want, including 30+ hours of battery life, plus a 15-minute quick charge feature for 3 hours of gameplay, USB-C connectivity with play-and-charge functionality for seamless multi-platform compatibility, and SteelSeries signature Arctis sound.

Arctis 7+ Wireless – Purposefully engineered for multi-system compatibility for PC, PlayStation, Mac, Android, Switch, and Oculus Quest 2, the Arctis 7+ uses lossless 2.4 GHz wireless audio for ultra-low latency gaming audio via a compact USB-C dongle. To keep gamers in the zone, the Arctis 7+ features 30+ hours of battery life for nonstop gaming, easy on-ear headset controls including ChatMix, and a durable lightweight steel frame with an adjustable elastic ski-goggle style band for a comfortable fit. A Discord certified, retractable ClearCast mic uses a bidirectional design for superior noise-cancellation and vocal clarity and features an LED mute indicator.

Arctis 7+ Wireless (Black) – North America for $169.99

Arctis 7P+ Wireless – Specifically designed for powerful next-gen 3D Audio on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, with multi-platform compatibility with PC, Mac, Android, Switch, and Oculus Quest 2, the Arctis 7P+ utilizes lossless 2.4 GHz wireless audio for ultra-low latency gaming audio via a compact USB-C dongle. The 30+ hour battery life for nonstop gaming with USB-C charging, easy on-ear headset controls including sidetone (mic monitoring), and the durable lightweight steel frame with adjustable elastic ski-goggle style band help keep players both focused and comfortable during marathon gaming sessions. A Discord-certified, retractable ClearCast mic uses a bidirectional design for superior noise-cancellation and vocal clarity and features an LED mute indicator.

Arctis 7P+ Wireless (Black or White) – North America for $169.99

Steelseries Prime


Not to sit idly by and let the competition catch up, Steelseries developed their latest innovation in the form of the Steelseries Prime, a pro-grade, ultra-lightweight mouse built for esports. Built with the first Optical Magnetic Switches, these switches keep their clickiness for 100 million clicks. The combination of an optical sensor, oversized spring and magnetic connection guarantees zero lag, debounce, and consistency.

The Steelseries Prime’s TrueMove PRo Gaming Sensor was developed in collaboration with PixArt, a world-renowned pioneer in sensor innovation and technology, that outperforms the competition with true 1-to-1 tracking.

Another notable feature is the ability to customize the Prime on the fly with on-board profiles that can be changed with the press of a button. Up to 5 can be stored and you can also choose 4 polling rates.

PRIME – $59.99
PRIME+ – $79.99

And that’s pretty much it. While Steelesries does have much more in its product lineup, these are the items right now that currently stand out and can keep you competitive. They have everything you need to complete your ultimate gaming PC setup – mice, keyboards, headsets, and even mousepads. Many of their items too are currently on sale for the holidays.

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