WhirlwindFX ATOM

WhirlwindFX is giving buyers a chance to score their most popular RGB gaming keyboard, the ATOM, for a whopping 40% off. That means that instead of paying $79.99 for it, you’ll be paying $49.99, which is a pretty good price on a mechanical gaming keyboard with full RGB and your choice of red, brown, or blue switches. Not only that, this is a compact 60% form factor keyboard which is very popular right now with PC gamers.

The deal is available right now on Amazon and will continue through October 31, 2021.

Fun facts about the ATOM:

The ATOM is the most software-advanced RGB gaming keyboard in a smaller form factor. It’s everything you love about the ElementV2 mechanical RGB keyboard, in an all-new streamlined, compact 60% form factor. Like WhirlwindFX’s other RGB peripherals, Atom features integrations for over 50 top games including Among Us, COD Warzone, Minecraft, Valorant, and more.

Built with Gateron mechanical key switches, Atom guarantees optimal performance, fast actuation and proven reliability with up to 50 million keystrokes. Choose from red linear, blue clicky, or brown tactile switches.

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