With all of the major console players showing their best stuff that’s soon to come for the holiday season and into 2022, Nintendo had remained somewhat silent up until yesterday.

Nintendo had their Direct September showcase and they had some cool things to showoff. Nintendo will always spark nostalgia and just a good time. Of course you got your normal Mario games, Zelda, Mario party, Actraiser Renaissance (which was a shock that I never saw coming) etc. If you watched the showcase in its entirety then you know the best part of the showcase in our view was the new Nintendo Switch Online additions with the new N64 games, finally!, and to add to that, Nintendo shocked us all when we saw that they acquired SEGA Genesis classics to mix. What else did Nintendo do? They allowed us to be great in those old N64 and SEGA Genesis games by giving us the option to but the original controllers for each respective retro console to play with on your Switch. CRAZY!.

Nintendo had one more surprise up it’s sleeve and they brought Shigeru Miyamoto aka Mr. Mario himself to tell us about the new animated Super Mario motion picture coming soon starring Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario. The entire cast was listed in the video which you can check out and it has a great cast. No release date as of yet but very exciting news nonetheless.

That was what made the showcase, great overall. You don’t have to take our word for it. The video is at the top of this article, Check it out for yourself and tell us in the comments what YOU thought the best moment was. Enjoy

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