Peak Design Field Pouch V2

There are times when there just isn’t enough room in my pants’ pockets to fit everything I need and times when carrying something like a backpack is overkill. That’s why I’m a fan of waist packs and smaller sling bags. These are usually much smaller than backpacks and can carry a variety of different things that would normally cause most pant pockets to bulge. I’ve become quite fond of waist packs (fanny packs) because I can either attach them to my waist or carry them like tiny sling bags and I can carry most of what I’d usually have in my pockets and more. They’re also especially nice when they’re versatile like the new Peak Design Field Pouch V2, their latest convertible organizer that can be a minimalist carry-all sling bag or a compressible in-bag organizer.

Peak Design Field Pouch V2


The Peak Design Field Pouch V2 is a unique little gear pouch. For starters, there are many ways you can use the Field Pouch V2, which makes it quite versatile. For starters, there is a strap included with it that turns it into a shoulder or sling bag style carry. If you don’t want to use the strap, there are also built-in belt loops on the back in which you can attach the Field Pouch V2 to your standard belt or photo belt. Lastly, you can just use it as an in-bag organizer, meaning you just use it to store stuff and throw it into a larger carry bag.

The Field Pouch V2 is made from weatherproof double poly-coated DWR impregnated 400D nylon canvas on the outside and has a heavy, soft felt lining on the inside. The interior pockets are made from premium high-visibility light grey span and there are leather touchpoints on the lid and opening. In case you’re wondering, the color we have here is Charcoal.

Starting with the exterior, the front features two long hook-and-loop strips that allow the rolltop lid to close in a variety of positions for expandable storage from 1.5L to 3.0L. On the front, there are also two Capture Clip attachment points to easily store and access your camera if needed. This is an optional accessory and not included with the Field Pouch V2. On the rear, you’ll find the two attachment points for the Hook Strap as well as the belt loops. There are actually two different-sized belt loops on the back, one for a standard belt and one for a larger photo belt.

Peak Design Field Pouch V2

Moving to the interior, it is very smartly designed. Unlike other bags of this type, there are a good amount of organizational pockets inside. There are three open pockets on one side and a zippered pocket on the other. If you open the zippered pocket, there are also little pockets that you can use to hold small items like memory cards for instance. For the most part, there’s a surprisingly good amount of storage space inside. You can actually fit items like a small lens camera, your phone, keys, wallet, rechargeable power pack, and more. Basically, whatever you can think of that you need to carry for a day out.

Of course, you could also use this as just an organizational bag for your backpack or travel back and use it to hold items like your charger, cables, mouse, hub, etc. I normally use Ziplock bags for this, but the Field Pouch V2 would totally work and looks way better too.

Peak Design Field Pouch V2


The Peak Design Field Pouch V2 is a top choice when looking for a small, lightweight, everyday carry. I love the versatile nature of the bag and the many uses you can have for it. This is a bag that you can use to carry all your essentials for the day and just as easily carry some photo equipment for some street photography the next. The Field Pouch V2 does what it says it does and it looks so good doing it. This doesn’t look like your average waist pack or sling bag and will surely grab the attention it deserves.

The Peak Design Field Pouch V2 is available now on their official site, though some colors are currently on backorder.

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