Bungie launched their last TWAB of the season with talks about weapon tuning. Several key factors is going to be mentioned here, but I got to say….the fact that they’re holding Season of the [REDACTED] close to their chest, so much so that they’re not showing any thematic weapons this time around, is EXCELLENT! Feb 24th The Witch Queen Showcase event starts at 12pm ET, an hour before reset….they’re planning something, and I’m all for it.

Trials of the Nine weapons coming to Prophecy Dungeon

Now, onto the meaty stuff. Weapon tuning is the focus here including how Stasis Legendary weapons are going to factor into the sandbox. You can find the full details of the TWAB here, but a quick bullet point wouldn’t hurt:

  • Stasis Legendary weapons are going to be in the Kinetic Slot.
  • Stasis perks are not going to be overbearing, primarily slowing. More info come next week.
  • All Primary Ammo is now going to be Infinite – this is to accommodate during pinnacle activities.
  • Scouts, HC, MG and Fusions are getting major buffs for PvE activities.
  • All Trials of the Nine weapons will drop in the Prophecy Dungeon!
  • Explosive Light returns in the form of a pinnacle Rocket Launcher!
  • Anarchy/Xeno nerfs isn’t as dangerous as we’d feared.
  • Vex Mythoclast is getting a wholesome buff, it seems kind of nuts too.
The Ascendancy pinnacle Rocket

Yeah, there’s so much more in the TWAB – I’ll be streaming my thoughts on it tonight at 9pm ET, so keep a look out, info below.

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