Aug 24th, Bungie unleashed the Hive Queen upon the gaming community – the event was massive and filled with new elements we as fans long awaited for; ranging from brand new, gigantic location down to a new weapon archetype. The Witch Queen is set to meet and exceed expectations.

Here’s my live reaction of some of the best parts of the event.

Bungie’s 30th anniversary was also part of the event with a slew of content coming December 30th, 2021 in a form of a purchasable pack. Included in the pack is a Thorn-Themed armor set obtainable through a specialized dungeon inspired by the infamous Loot Cave from D1, an exotic quest to obtain an updated Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher, theme ornaments inspired by Bungie’s older game Marathon and more. Although no Halo-themed armor is coming, I have a sneaky suspicion that Bungie is planning to surprise us with just that….

Now to the real meaty bit of the showcase – The Witch Queen was revealed via a specialized CGI trailer that showcased new environments located in a pocket universe by Savathun’s design – here, she now possesses Light and crafts her own Hive Guardians against us. This thematic approach in this expansion is MASSIVE as it shows that Savathun is by far the greatest threat we’ve ever faced. I mean, she forms her very own Ghost through the powers of Light and resurrects Hive’s with such abilities. Will we have tangible consequences in this expansion? I hope so.

Furthermore, developers came to the stage to talk about what elements we should come to expect in this upcoming expansion. It followed up with some really awesome gameplay trailer as well – Here’s a list:

  • All Light subclasses will get an upgrade with new types of abilities – akin to the skill tree design from our Stasis Darkness subclass.
  • We are getting a new first-person melee weapon called The Glaive, that can also shoot.
  • This weapon is not obtainable via loot drop, but are crafted in a new system called Weapon Crafting.
  • All legacy and new weapons will be craftable – and will scale base on usage.
  • The Throne World by Savathun will be vertically explored – it seems like the Raid is going to take place in the swampy underbelly of the world.
  • In order to decimate the Hive Guardians, you will have to crush their ghost with your bare hands.
  • All campaigns will be replayable in a scalable Legendary mode where enemies are obviously going to one shot you. Loot will drop accordingly.
  • The game looks gorgeous.
  • Be hype.

Bungie’s new roadmap also includes an additional expansion called The Final Shape – it is to conclude the Light and Dark saga, but not Destiny as a whole. This makes me nervous and I’m curious as to what kind of consequence we will face moving forward. This expansion is slated to release 2024.

I for one am excited due to the attention to detail put into this expansion, further proving that Bungie may be a business, but they work for the fans and wants to forever prove that by showing the love they’re putting into this ever expanding universe.

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