While OnePlus enthusiasts usually can’t wait for Spring to roll around for the annual OnePlus there is always some that hold out for the “T” series they also been known to drop later in the Fall to Winter months. This time was no difference with OnePlus releasing the 8 and 8 Pro but also an exclusive Verizon exclusive variant as well. With the OnePlus 8T it looks similar to the prior models but with a redesigned camera module, flat display, and lower price. But is it really needed?


OnePlus has a done an impressive job with the colorways on the 8 Series and it holds true with the 8T. they provided us with the Lunar Silver which has a nice subtle two-tone reflection in the light and is matte frosted glass coated in Gorilla Glass 5. There is also a vibrant Aquamarine Green style as well.

Those that felt the 8 Pro was too tall, the 8T still has some height but is a fraction shorter and lighter. Still sporting Dual speakers, Dual Sim port, Type C port, Volume controls and that good old useful Alert Slider.

OnePlus 8T includes an already applied screen protector, Warp Charge 65 Power Adapter, and Type-USB Cable.

Speedy Displays & Powerful Processing

With the 8T you know OnePlus is going to stuff it with some heavy specs under the hood. There is a Snapdragon 865 processor, 12GB RAM, Adreno 650 GPU, and 256GB of storage with UFS 3.1. Apparently, there is an 8GB/128GB option, but you be hard pressed to find it. This phone handles apps and gaming without much issue. It runs super smoother than most Android phones I used over the year.  

This is where we get into interesting territory with the OnePlus 8T. It has a 4,500mAh battery which is just a measly 10mAh less than the 8 Pro but utilizes an astounding 65W Warp Charging adapter. You are likely to get from almost 0 to 100% in less than 40mins. The downside to this is there is no wireless charging. Most OnePlus fans clamored for wireless charging for years and finally achieved it with the 8 Pro only to see it taken away again with the 8T.

A personal favorite of mine to return to the 8 Series is Dual Sim support. It was disabled at launch on the 8 / 8 Pro but works out the box on the 8T. While most aren’t using two different networks it has always been a nice option for those that do. I have tested it both with Verizon & T-Mobile. Separately and at the same times. Services have been stellar on them and speeds have been just as good. Wi-Fi calling does look to be supported on T-Mobile but not on Verizon.

The OnePlus 8T is rocking a 6.55” 120Hz AMOLED HDR 10+ Fluid Display.  Navigating thru out the device is a speedy and glorious looking experience with some awesome color details especially when it comes to content. Checking out Justice League you can see the colors pop while keeping up with the extreme movements of action. OnePlus 8T looks good when playing casual games like Candy Crush Soda Friends or getting a bit busier in say Call of Duty Mobile. There is the front camera hole punch in the left-hand corner which has been become the normal. I liked the options OnePlus provided last year better with either the teardrop or popup camera options.  Also, the display is flat like the OnePlus 8 compared to the curve on the 8 Pro. I don’t mind the flat screen and looks good in my opinion.

OxygenOS 11

The best experience of Android continues to be on OnePlus devices. With the 8T you are getting Android 11 aka OxygenOS 11 right out the box. There aren’t many Android smartphones especially flagships with Android 11 yet. Customization is king on the OnePlus from the icons to gestures to even how you want AOD to look. Always-On Display has finally been put on OnePlus phones and you have options of the norm or can utilize “Insight”, “Canvas”, or coming soon Bitmoji.  

Quad Camera Shooting

OnePlus always seems to change up the camera module setup drastically on their “T” models. This time moving the lens setup from the middle but more off to the side. Personally, I prefer it on the side as in the middle and the way I hold my phones I would happen to touch and smudge up the camera. I haven’t done it one time with the 8T. As for the lens we have a Quad Camera System with Wide(48MP), Ultrawide(16MP), Macro(5MP), and Monochrome(2MP).  

Images get detail in well-lit areas and even more so in some Ultrawide shots that I took. I feel like once you start to get into not as well-lit areas shots start to look a bit mushy not as sharp. Its nightscape mode isn’t bad though getting some details depending on the subject. All in all, the camera is okay but still not super impressed by it. On the front is a 16MP lens which did not seem to differ much from the 8 Series of lens to me.


OnePlus 8T sports faster charging slightly upgraded camera system, and a smaller body even if you won’t notice it too much from the 8 Pro. Noticeable takeaways though are wireless charging. But I don’t see as a big reason to jump from say a OnePlus 8 and definitely not an 8 Pro. With OnePlus’ price adjustments its only $50 less coming in at $750. Its beefy hardware is on point and OS UI is great, but it still falters in the camera category. In its price range there is the Pixel 5 and even Galaxy S20 FE that do a number on it. So, while the 8T is an awesome device and one of the best Android phones around I just wonder if it was ultimately needed with the 8 Pro being around?

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