BioLite FirePit

This is kind of a new category here at G Style, but it’s a sign of the changing times. 2020 has been a heck of a year with so many people doing things they would not have done in the past. One of those things is road trips thanks in part to the fact that no one wants to fly right now. Road trips also mean more outdoor type activities like camping, hiking, kayaking, etc. Of course, those activities require gear and what we have down below are some of the top products you should consider when heading out into nature, but with a twist. This wouldn’t be G Style if these products didn’t have some kind of battery-powered tech involved, since that’s how we roll here.

BioLite FirePit


A fire pit is great for camping for instance as it not only helps keep you warm at night, but they help contain the fire so you don’t have any nasty accidents. The BioLite FirePit does this in a self-contained metal enclosure, but it’s not an ordinary enclosure. The BioLite FirePit creates hyper-efficient flames with patented airflow technology. Not only that, but the BioLite FirePit is also smokeless and can also be used for cooking with the right attachments and accessories. The Biolite Firepit has a rechargable Powerpack that can also be used to charge your gadgets.

Price – $249.95 (Amazon Link)

GIGA Pump 2.0


Being outdoors usually means also having to deal with inflatables, whether it be an air mattress or water floats, we need a means of blowing these up quickly without having to use your own breaths. That’s where the GIGA PUMP 2.0 comes in. This is the smallest air pump you can buy that can reach 180L/min and the pressure can reach 3.5KPa. This is small enough to be carried around in any bag, rechargeable via USB-C. and can also be used as a vacuum pump for use with vacuum bags. Not only that, but the GIGA PUMP 2.0 can also function as a handy LED lantern/lamp capable of brightness up to 400 lumens.

Price – $29.00



Most people these days rely on their mobile phones for everything, but when you’re out in the wilderness you can pretty much forget about a cell signal. That’s why you need something like the SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger that can keep you connected when you’re off the grid. SPOT X provides text based communications to any email address or cell phone number and can also be used as a tracking device in case you need help from Search & Rescue services. SPOT X will require an active service plan, which can be either contractual or on a month to month basis.

Price – $199.99 (Amazon Link)

BioLite HeadLamp 330


I would say the most essential item when outdoors is a good light. When you’re out in the wilderness, especially in the dark, you need a good light to brighten up your path and what better type of light than one you wear on your head. The BioLite HeadLamp 330 is a multi-functional headlamp that keeps your hands free and light pointed at where you look. The propitiatory 3D Slim-Fit construction and moisture wicking fabric keeps things light and comfortable at just 69g. It also features a rechargeable battery with up to 40 hours of use per charge.

Price – $59.95 (Amazon Link)

Adventure H20 15000 Portable Charger


When you’re outdoors, finding a place to charge up really isn’t possible, that’s why you need a portable battery charger, but not just any old charger. The myCharge Adventure H2O is an IP67 portable charger designed to withstand the most extreme of conditions. It’s rubberized, waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof. It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 3350mAh to 20100mAh. A built-in carabiner gives you the ability to easily attach the portable charger to your belt or backpack allowing for ease of use.

Price – $29.99 – $79.99 (Amazon Link)

Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack

Honorable mention since this isn’t battery operated, but the Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack is a must-have when out and about where your gear can be exposed to the environment. You’ll need this for your gear to keep items dry and the wetness out.

Grab on Amazon here.

I’m sure a lot of you will be taking some kind of road trip or camping trip over the winter so hopefully, some of these products will tickle your fancy. If there are any other products you think should be on this list or just want to ask some basic questions about what’s listed, shoot a comment below.

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