What started out as just a phone case company named X-Doria, they have since changed their name to DefenseBrand and now landing on Raptic. The name changes also reflect the brand’s portfolio expanding from just making phone cases to now including watch bands, portable power and wireless chargers.

Last year when they were still going by DefenseBrand we checked out their Vertical Duo Wireless Charger. It had a terrific build quality and provided some great charges to your devices. This time around we are being introduced to their first ever wireless headphone charging stand. It is a combo of sorts that I think fit perfectly together


One thing I been digging from Raptic is their attention to detail they put into their products. The Rise Headphone Stand has an aluminum holster that is connected to a hard plastic base. This base has a leather padding on top while utilizing a rubber grip on the bottom. Of course, like the pictures the headphone stand comes disassembled and its your job to put it together.  The stand connects to the base via two small screws and thankfully also comes with an allen key. The screws are so small and the allen key is so pointy it was a bit irritating to build.

But once this is done you will see how sturdy and solid this device is. It is powered via the included USB-C cable to power brick. There is also a USB-A port on the back to charge up your headphones. Smart move by Raptic is that rubber base pulls off and allows for cable management for your USB-A cable.

Raptic Rise Headphone Stand comes with a Type-C cable and Power Plug.


The headphone stand has mentioned has a wireless charging base that will utilizes 12W QI. There is also a LED light to advise of it charging.  I have used it to charge an iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 thus far. Like the rubber material on the bottom there is a decent amount on top where you would rest your headphones, so they don’t slip out of place.


So originally on my desk I was using this headphone stand I grabbed off Amazon some months ago. It was a great holder for my gaming headphones on my desk and had an area where the wires could rest on the bottom but sometimes, I would put my phone there. So, when Raptic reached out about their wireless charging stand I thought it was a perfect reason to try it out.

I have used in two instances where I would charge my audio headphones such as the B&W PX7 Carbon and other times I would have my Logitech X Pro headphones on there depending on the scenario. One constant though is using the wireless charging base to juice up my smartphone. It works perfectly and only gripe I have is I wish the holster was just about an inch or two higher. I feel like my headphones sometimes hang some low they also cover my view of the phone. Also, its best to use a not too long charging cable so you don’t so much hang in the back like I have.


Raptic has crafted quite the charging stand here giving you a sleek discreet design while giving you wireless charging features and holding your favorite pair of musical cans. Giving you juice in both areas is great and I only wish it were slightly higher in height, but I get the reasoning though. Rise Headphone Stand can add to your “desktop décor” easily and is welcome to do so.

Raptic’s Rise Headphone Stand with Wireless QI Charger is $69.99

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