The more we try to detach from using wires with smartphones the more you are likely to see wireless chargers stationed on your desk whether at home or at work.  For the most part they tend to be the same ones that lay flat and look plastic. iOttie sought out to do something different with their iON charging pads. We checked out iOttie’s Mini charger a couple years ago but this time they are giving two different ways to charge.


This Wireless Duo is pleasing to the eyes thanks to its fabric wrapped stand. Its not as thick in fabric as it looks but its still nice to see. It does assist in helping your smartphone stay in place as well. Next to that is a smaller charging pad which would be utilized to charge up some headphones or a smartwatch. Realistically though you can use it to charge another smartphone if need be. The anti-slip pad has a slight rubber feel to make sure your device doesn’t slide off at any time.  Pan down and you will see two LED lights while underneath is rubber grips to keep the charger in place.  I like the Light Grey colorway that iOttie provided us, but it also comes in a Navy color as well.

Ottie iON Wireless Duo Fast Charging Stand / Pad comes with a Power Plug

Features / Usage

This Qi wireless charging pad has the capability of charging two devices at once giving your Android smartphones up to 10W while iPhones can get 7.5W of juice. I have charged everything an iPhone 12 Pro and AirPods Pro at the same to heck even a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and iPhone. LEDs will light up letting you know its charging. Putting smartphones on the smaller pad is not too ideal though as you can’t see the LED light as you can see in the photos.

Having this Wireless Duo on my desk adds a bit of tech chic without being loud by its presence. I been using it the past couple weeks and it done the job as far as charging is considered. You have the option to charge either in landscape or portrait modes. Based on other wireless chargers I have used only thing I would of liked on this pad is maybe a USB port to help power phones that may not have charging capabilities yet like they have on their Wireless Plus charger.  


If you are looking to add some style to your charging lifestyle the iON Wireless Duo can help achieve that. Its fabric stand is not something you see very often on chargers and does a good job of charging two wireless devices at once. Only those that may not want to consider it is if you have multi devices and one doesn’t have QI charging since there is no USB-A port here. Otherwise it’s a nice look for your tech décor.

Usually retails for $59.99 but is going for less than $50 on Amazon right now

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