While some may not be a fan of wireless or care for it much, I always like it as an added option on my smartphones. Defense Brand (fka X-Doria) has developed the Vertical Duo Charger that gives you the capability of charging two devices at once but also allowing you to consume content at the same time if needed. 


Defense’s Vertical Duo has a discreet sleek profile that can be placed anywhere from your desk to bedside. Its base is comprised mostly of aluminum while having leather pads in two areas. There looks to be two charging coils in the vertical stand while one is also in the smaller pad. The smaller pad would be used for earbud cases while the larger area of course for smartphones. There is a USB-A port on the back as well if you need to charge up additional non-QI enabled devices such as an Apple Watch. Quality is on point and feels sturdy and not something that will depreciate over time with usage.

Defense Brand Vertical Duo comes with a USB-C cable and a QC 3.0 Power Supply plug. 


Since there are multiple charging coils in the vertical stand you can have your phone not just vertical but also horizontal. So, you can charge and watch at the same time with ease in landscape mode. Each section has LED lights to advise you when your devices are charged up completely giving off a white light. 

10W of power is provided from the charging pad to your device and I found its strength to be huge. I have used with a Samsung Galaxy S10+, Google Pixel 3XL, iPhone XS and an iPhone 11 Pro. On the smaller portion I have used with mostly Anker SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro true wireless earbuds. If you want to be fancy you can use it with another smartphone as well if you can position it right. 


Like with the Nomad, I placed the Vertical Duo on a stand next to my couch. I find it to be a nice spot and even walked by area, so why not place this there. Using it with the mentioned devices was easy and I didn’t have to go thru the hassle of finding the sweet spot like I did with Nomad. Its charging coils seem to be strong working better on some thicker cases that other chargers wouldn’t pick up on.


While it’s not the flashiest wireless charger out there it’s not really needed either. The Vertical Duo does what it was set out to do and without any complications or issues. Also, its profile allows it to sit in the background which I rather like. It is available in Black or White styles for $59.99 if you need a device to fit your multi charging needs. 

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