High fashion and gambling go hand in hand. Throughout the years, casinos have been synonymous with evening gowns, tuxedos and fine accessories. Although all that may be toned down a bit in today’s society, casinos are still a glitzy and glamorous place.

When gambling, there are many different styles and techniques people can adopt to potentially help them obtain a big win. This gambling type can be dictated by factors such as personality and characteristics, however, another thing that can tell a lot about the way you gamble may be the clothes you wear and the way you stylize yourself.

For those who may have wondered, here is what your style says about your gambling type.


If your fashion type is derived from trying to impress and look as ravishing as you can, then that may unveil a lot about not just your gambling style but also your personality. People who may sport a figure highlighting cocktail dress, or a fitted suit with a collared shirt might be the type who are oozing confidence and those who are unafraid of being the center of attention.

This means that your gambling style may be one that wants to distract and put others off their game, making it a perfect get up for social casino games where you compete against others and not the house. Players that go for this look are serious about the game and are out to win, however, they are still playful and fun.

Casual Wear

People that are fond of comfortable and casual wear tend to engage with gambling through online means, as they enjoy the accessibility and ease of use, as well as the many discounts and offers such as free spins.

Inside a physical casino, however, being bold enough to go in casual jeans and top gives the impression that you’re not taking the environment seriously. These clothes suit gambling machines such as slots, as the comfort is good for long periods of play. They can also imply a fun, playful and ambitious approach to gambling, meaning that wearers may not take things far too seriously, and are instead there to enjoy themselves as opposed to chase a big win. Casual wears also have potential to be good multitaskers, which can be super advantageous in winning.

Bohemian Fashion

A bohemian look displays a fun and relaxed persona, however, due to its unique style, it also indicates that the wearer might be one willing and comfortable with risk taking. This could suggest that the wearer’s gambling type is one that’s more willing to risk it all and play aggressively, while also displaying a serious competitive edge. These creative dressers are also more likely to show creative thinking, which can help them strategize and make interesting decisions and plays that can bamboozle and confuse opponents. There’s also potential to deceive others and lure them into a false sense of security as your bohemian look may imply a lack of knowledge of gambling, which can be used to your advantage.

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