Destiny 2’s live event has concluded with a bang, but was withered down by its poor execution and disconnections; we witnessed the Traveler pulsing in aurora light from 7pm ET until it’s gleaming display of blinding blast at 10pm ET. Unfortunately, it was daunted by Beaver, Chicken and Newt error codes alongside max capacity issues. I think it’s time to remind Bungie that they need better overall servers.

With that being said, after The Traveler displayed its immense luminance, we were greeted with the Destination Map, overcome by Darkness as Io, Mercury, Mars and Titan is consumed by its ominous grasp. Soon after, the Traveler burst and the server simply shuts down. A new download is then prompted.

If the server worked, and if this was kept a secret, it would have had a better impact if suddenly at 8:30pm ET we were interrupted with an announcement about a strange anomaly in the tower to investigate. Having us walk through the Last City was dope but man, the server! Bungie, it is time to invest on some hefty changes. I know it’s a daunting task, but ultimately it would serve mighty well for Destiny 2 in the long term.

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