So, a few weeks ago I took a dive and went ahead and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. I got a good deal on it, so it was hard to resist. But upon purchasing and waiting for it to be delivered (which was like two days from, I realized I needed some type of case or protection.

This is more so as the phone itself has glass on the front and on the back. Worst of all the camera bump protrudes out the back so you would be resting on it heavily. Being that the Fold 2 is already a bit thick and heavy I wanted something light. I seen mentions of the Aramid Standing Cover and there are things I like abut it and a few things that will make you not want to buy it.


First, I can see why its literally called a cover and not a case. It made from Aramid which feels super light. It has a carbon fiber pattern and a kickstand for propping up the Z Fold 2. Application is easy as it simply snaps on. It adds zero weight to the phone, and you wouldn’t even realize its there half the time.


I been using it the past couple weeks and it kept my Z Fold 2 from getting any scratches on the back and the camera bump since when laid down it is raised around that area. I use the kickstand sometimes, but it isn’t the sturdiest. If you push on It ever so slightly your device will tip over. Also, when your Z Fold 2 is fully open in landscape mode and you use that kickstand it blocks access to the volume/power controls.


While I been liking the case for its lightweight design and kickstand at times, I just feel its not worth the hefty $60 price tag. This was something Samsung could of easily threw in with your already expensive Z Fold 2 or even priced it at half this making it slightly more feasible. If you don’t mind spending the cash and just want something lightweight then go for it, but you may want to check more cost-effective avenues first.

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