I’ve been trying out a ton of new gaming gear since I’ve made my full dive back into PC gaming and building after a long layoff. With so many different accessories from so many different companies it’s not always easy to narrow down what you’re going to use as your everyday go to equipment.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Logitech. I’ve used and reviewed a slew of their accessories and it’s been a mainstay in my office and my gaming setup. Most recently I had been looking for a keyboard and mouse setup preferably wireless to narrow down some of the cables that I have with my gaming setup plus I wanted a more clean aesthetic. So, I reached out to Logitech G, told them my issue and BOOM!, They hooked me up with the Logitech G915 TKL wireless gaming keyboard and the G502 Gaming mouse. I’ve been messing with it now for about a month and I’m still loving it and it’ll take something really unbelievable to get me to change.


Logitech went with sexy when they designed the G915 TKL at least. The G502 has always maintained it’s incredible look, it just gets better every iteration.

The form factor on each of these devices is tailored to be comfortable. The G502 for instance sits comfortably in your hand due to good ergonomics all while being lightweight and with customizable accessories that you can add to make your productivity or gaming experience as smooth as possible.


The G915 TKL has a small form factor because of its wireless nature. Typically in gaming keyboards (at least the ones I’ve used over the years) they tend to be gaudy because of the mechanical keys and the general needs of the gamer. The G915 TKL is very much a mechanical gaming keyboard but small at just 15.2 x 5.8 x 0.9 inches. It’s so well made and doesn’t compromise anything for the gamer because of the smaller form factor.

The G915 TKL version that I have came with clicky keys but Logi has three versions that come either tactile, clicky or linear ones all with Logitech’s  GL mechanical switches. It’s really your preference but all three are great to use.

The G915 TKL has wireless capability which comes from the USB unifying device included and it of course eliminates wires but also adds to comfort while gaming. This is because you can use your keyboard wherever you want from a reasonable distance without any lag or latency. You can use Bluetooth if you wish with this keyboard but it’s still bluetooth and I personally opted for the USB dongle. It’s much more reliable.

Logitech claims that you can get an average of 40 or so hours of battery life with the RGB enabled and even more so without it, 130 days or more. I’ve experienced great battery life with the G915 TKL so their claims in regards to the battery life is not an exaggeration but I need my RGB personally.

You’ll truly get the most out of this keyboard when you use the Logitech G-Hub software. It’s there that you can tailor the G915 TKL in anyway that best suits you for either gaming, media or productivity. The G-Hub however, can still come across as intimidating however when you’re trying to setup the keyboard.


Logitech’s G502 is popular and classic and not for no reason. It’s one of the best gaming mice there is and over the years this series mouse has undergone an evolution and each version gets more and more refined without changing too much of what makes it such a quality gaming mouse.

As a newly acclimated keyboard and mouse user, I had been having quite a stressful time finding the right mouse to use and I didn’t completely understand how ergonomics and weight play such a role in your games. Especially games that place a heavy emphasis on aim and quick reaction. I don’t play games like COD, PUBG or CS:GO. It’s Destiny 2 for me and while it may not be as focused on aim and quick reaction as the other aforementioned games, if you’re playing on PC it makes a huge difference as opposed to using a controller, no matter what controller you use.

The G502 offers me comfort and ease of use. You have additional weights, five to be exact that can add up to an additional 3.6g. It sits nice in the hand although it can seem a bit narrow for people with much larger hands. Button placement is good and the overall build quality seems very sturdy and capable for hours of use.

With the help of the G-HUB you can really get specific with customization. I mean really specific. I think the G502 mouse really makes the best use of the G-HUB although I will say like I’ve always said, it can be overwhelming with all of the options it offers you to tailor your gaming experience. The G502 Hero has a DPI range of 100 to 16,000 and the HERO Sensor does and excellent job of minimizing latency with it’s 1,000Hz polling rate and 1ms response time. This mouse does an incredible job of catering to all of your gaming needs because of all the available options that it offers.


The Logitech G915 TKL keyboard and G502 Hero mouse are a powerful combination for the gamer. These two accessories put you in a unique space to be very competitive in your games but keep in mind if you suck at your game then you just suck, these gadgets won’t help. All jokes aside, the time spent using these two devices was enough to make them my daily drivers. It took me a full month and change to complete this review because I wanted to play a variety of different games and do different things everyday to really get a feel for what these two devices can do in my everyday hectic tech life. They held up and hold up incredibly well. They are competitively priced within it’s premium class so I can’t say they’re overly priced. It’s fair. I love this combo and I have no doubt if you picked up these two you’d feel the same.

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