Bingo has been around for much longer than people might think at first; with the first rudimentary form of the game being played all the way back in 15th century Italy, with something called “Il Gioco del Lotto D’Italia”. Since then it has spread all over the world, and something that sets it apart from other types of gambling game is the fact that it is also commonly used in schools to teach kids things like mathematics.

Bingo, therefore, is an incredibly multifaceted game, and one that is played by various demographics within the global population. What this means is that the presence of bingo can be felt in a wide array of instances in popular culture, especially things like films and TV series – check out Barbados Bingo. In fact, lucky bingo numbers can often become a pretty essential plot driver, read ahead to find out some of our favourite lucky bingo numbers from films and TV. 


Lost is one of the most iconic TV series of the last several decades, a programme that took viewers on a complex and often deeply confusing voyage through a story that revolved around a plane crash, but quickly grew to accommodate all sorts of things such as parallel dimensions. There are countless little Easter eggs and regularly used motifs, with one of them being a set of bingo numbers. 

They actually belong to the character of Hurley, who wins a huge jackpot from a game of bingo with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. These numbers also tend to crop up at various times during the series, with Lost fans still being puzzled as to why exactly they are mentioned so often. 

It Could Happen To You! 

It Could Happen To You! was a fairly popular film during the 90s when it was first released, however as is often the case with films from this era, it quickly fell into obscurity. The plot revolves around a fairly young policeman, who promises a waitress serving him at a diner that he will split the winnings from a bingo game with her in success because he doesn’t have enough money to tip her properly.

What do you know? The policeman wins at the game of bingo, and he also makes good on his promise to the waitress, returning to split the winnings with her. Want to know what the lucky numbers were? 6,8, 12, 16, 26 – remember them for next time you are paying bingo! 


Paycheck is a thriller that is modelled upon the novel of the same name by critically acclaimed writer Philip K. Dick, and it also features Ben Affleck in a starring role. Anything with this actor is bound to be good, especially if it verges on the side of being a thriller or action movie, and Paycheck is no different. 

Although it isn’t the main event of this film by any means, Ben Affleck’s character does end up winning a bingo jackpot with the numbers  4, 17, 22, 26, 37, 44 and 70.

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