Logitech and Herman Miller linked up recently to put together a gaming chair that looks great and comfortable as ever while being great for your back health and posture. It’s a gorgeous chair and unlike any gaming chair we’ve seen in a long time.

If you don’t know or you’ve never heard of Herman Miller then let me enlighten you. If you’ve ever worked in an office and sat at a cubicle and you saw a futuristic, funny looking chair then sat in it and found it to be incredibly comfortable then most likely it was a Herman Miller. You can check them out HERE if you wanna see what they’re all about.

It only makes sense that if you’re going to make a gaming chair that doesn’t look or feel like any other then you go link up with Herman Miller and get stunning results. The technology and attention to detail is what makes this chair unique. The “Embody” chair is not unique to the Logitech family, it’s actually a hugely popular chair within the Herman Miller lineup. The design is very similar to the original office chair so it’s befitting that Logi and Herman Miller collaborated on this chair in particular. There’s a lot more technology and nuance involved with this new gaming chair but the choice to go with the Embody design makes complete sense. Look at what it’s got going on below.


7-Points of Calibration: This isn’t a one size fits all gaming
chair. Seven specific calibration points means you can perfectly
adjust the chair to your body. Calibrate your comfort to drive your
Posture Fit and BackFit: No two players are the same – which
is why the unique backfit and posturefit technology on the
Embody Gaming Chair adjusts to the unique shape of each
person’s spine and supporting the spin at the lowest point the
sacrum, without the need of a lumbar pillow.
Dynamic Pixel Circulation : A dynamic matrix of 150 pixels
throughout the chair’s seat and back conform to and encourage
micromovements. The matrix distributes weight evenly, reducing
pressure and encouraging movement—both of which are key to
maintaining healthy circulation and focus.
Embody Tilt : The Embody Tilt provides natural, balanced motion by easily allowing a range of posture changes. The tilt’s “Kicker” feature allows for an extended recline for stretching between games.
Copper Infused Foam: Herman Miller and Logitech G created a layer of foam in the seat and in the back of the chair to support an active, vertical sitting position for players. The foam is made with infused copper particles to help regulate body temperature during intense gameplay and over long play sessions.Added ridges to the foam structure help dissipate heat.
Eco Ergonomic: Intelligently engineered with 94% sustainable materials and a 12-year warranty, the Embody Gaming Chair is designed to last.
No Assembly Required: The Embody Gaming Chair is ready the minute it arrives in the mail; no assembly required.


Shipping on the Embody gaming chair is NOW. You can actually pick one as soon as you want to. Although this chair is gorgeous and I can only imagine what the gaming experience in the chair will be like, it ain’t cheap. With a price tag of $1495 it’s going to put a dent in your wallet for sure. However, you can’t put a price on your comfort and back health. Gaming sessions can be a lengthy endeavor depending on the game(s) you’re playing so having a good desk and chair are just as important as the machine that you’re playing on. Please believe it. We hope to get an opportunity to take a look at this chair, play with it, sit in it and enjoy it with all its ergonomic splendor.

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