Smartphones are slowly overtaking laptops and desktop computers as our primary method of searching the web. Whether it be online retail therapy or gambling at a casino, the smartphone is fast becoming our preferred option.

As smartphones become better for casino gaming, with faster capabilities and wider screens, it is natural that we will use them more for virtual nights at the casino too. But how are bookmakers playing their part to attract new players to their mobile casinos?

Mobile Casinos, Where Are We At?

Mobile casinos are online sites that enable play on the move. Their site and its games are applicable to smaller handheld devices because of the software and web design. Table games and online slot games become just as seamless and enjoyable on your smartphone as they are in front of a laptop.

The best online casino sites make their games functional on mobile because it allows them to keep up with competition and go where their market goes – their smartphone. The drive to play at mobile casinos is only going to increase with the rollout of 5G connectivity. Faster internet and download speeds with reduced latency mean mobile casino games can include improved visuals and reliability when on the move.

5 Ways Mobile Casinos Attract New Customers

#1: Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are the easiest way to attract new players. Some casinos will exclusively offer the welcome bonus if the user plays a game from their mobile device or the casino’s new app.

#2: Apps!

As mentioned, app development is a fantastic way to boost mobile casino users because it makes the experience seamless. This is especially true for people with older smartphones. The casino app is especially good at replacing any difficulty when loading web pages.

#3: Security

Casinos that have been security breached don’t stand much chance of retaining players. This stands for web casinos and mobile play. If the casino has a black mark against their name, it will be hard for the business to attract players to their mobile site as well.

#4: Payment Options

There are all types of payment options at casinos today. From debit card to Bitcoin, everyone has a preference and the best mobile casinos accept them all. Most people manage their money from their smartphone with other apps and online wallets, which makes it easy for people to switch from preparing bank account and then depositing on a mobile casino, all from their smartphone.

#5: Game Choice If your mobile casinos don’t support many of your site games, then players are not going to keep coming back. Some casinos have been able to make all of their games playable from mobile devices, even live dealer games. Players need gaming options if they are going to keep coming back!

Gclub, one of Asia’s biggest online casino brands, also has many types of games that cater to traditional casino players.

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