Did you know that live streaming has been around since 1993? Turns out it was completely by accident too!

Research and development company Xerox PARC (now known as just PARC) was hosting a small party at their HQ in California when a team of engineers next door were testing out broadcasting to the internet. 

The band ‘Severe Tire Damage’ were playing live at the party and had the honour of being the first internet streamed live event all without realizing it.

That is how the story goes anyway although ESPN SportsZone widely have the credit for the first ‘official’ live stream after broadcasting a baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and the iconic New York Yankees in 1995.

Whichever is viewed as the ‘first’ matters little as one thing has become clear, live-streaming has taken the world by storm.

So, what are the best uses for live streaming and how can you take advantage of the constant evolvement in LIVE technology?

Online Gaming

One of the biggest moves forward for online casinos in recent years has been the addition of Live Casino. 

This is where a player can enjoy the feel of a bricks-and-mortar casino from the comfort of their own home with a real-life dealer interacting with real-life players.

It has opened up online casinos to a global market and allowed customers to experience something new. 

It’s an area popular online casino Jackpot City NZ has embraced to great success as a way of offering a fresh approach to its client base and making sure they stay the market leaders even after over 20-years as an operator.


Facebook has made live streaming mainstream and via the companies live capabilities, businesses are taking advantage. 

Facebook live streaming is generating huge engagement for brands with the Facebook algorithm (although ever-changing) promoting content from those live stream broadcasts quite often above standard posting. 

Facebook as a business in its own right wants you to stay on its platform so streaming through the app or with third parities ensures you engage a Facebook audience allowing the company to want your content to get seen. 

Facebook live streaming may have only been around since 2015, but already it feels like it has been an established business method for decades.

Music and Esports

There is no denying live streaming has revolutionized the entertainment industry (we highlighted above the impact it has had on the online gambling sector) and music and perhaps more recently Esports have been major beneficiaries. 

So much so in fact that LiveXLive and Allied Esportshave come together in a collaboration to combine Esports and music all into one ‘travelling studio’ scenario to enhance everyone’s experience. 

They will not be the only ones though and this has opened up a whole gateway of opportunities for people across the globe to be seen, heard, and if lucky, make an income out of it.

The world has changed over the last decade and now more than ever content is king.

Live streaming has opened the door for everyone to become their own broadcaster and as we move into faster internet speeds and greater wi-fi accessibility, everyone now has a voice.

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