Tranya Rimor
Tranya Rimor

Wireless earbuds are hot right now. Especially since a lot of new smartphones out there don’t even have an audio jack anymore. The only way to hear music privately now is with a good pair of wireless earbuds or headphones. Of course you could always use some kind of adapter, but it’s almost 2020 and everyone should just finally embrace wireless audio. If you want something that’s discrete and easily pocketable, why not check out the new Tranya Rimor. These are true wireless earbuds that feature up to 32 hours of use, full touch controls, HD Audio, and IPX5 rated waterproofing.

Tranya Rimor


Let’s start with the design. The Tranya Rimor comes in a small, egg sized charging case. It’s pocket sized and easily carried. This is one of the first charging cases I’ve seen with a USB-C fast charging port and it’s got an LED charge indicator up front so you know give or take how much charge you have left. Opening up the case reveals the two wireless earbuds inside.

You can probably guess by now that the Tranya Rimor earbuds charge inside the case. These are actually decently sized – not too small and not too large. I’ve used a few wireless earbuds that were way too large and very uncomfortable to wear after a short period of time, but these are not like that. The ear tips fit right into my ear holes and the main body just sits comfortably between the reset of my ear cavity. There’s no pressure being put on any part of my ear and they’re lightweight enough where they don’t feel bulky or heavy. Plus, the body has lots of curved, rounded surfaces making them feel extra comfortable.

When worn, the Tranya Rimor earbuds are very inconspicuous and sit fairly flush with your ears. Again, they seem to be made where they won’t draw much attention to yourself. That’s not to say they don’t look good because I think they do. I dig the all black color and they’re definitely more stealth than AirPods.

Tranya Rimor

Specs and Experience

The Tranya Rimor last about 8 hours on a single charge which can be extended with the use of the charging case to a full 32 hours of usage. That means you should be able to use them more often in-between charges. If you do need to charge up, the USB-C fast charge technology can give you 90 minute of play time with just a 10 minute charge. It takes about an hour to fully charge the earbuds and about two hours to fully charge the case.

Next up, these use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Taking them out of the case will automatically pair them with your phone and putting them back in the case instantly disconnects them. You should also have less issues with random disconnections with a more stable connection for a more enjoyable listening experience.

Speaking of listening experience, the Tranya Rimor has 10mm titanium drivers that can reproduce frequencies from 20Hz to 20000Hz. That’s basically a full range from deep bass to crystal clear treble.

How do they sound in real life though? Pretty darn good. For starters, usually with earbuds, you don’t really get much bass. These are different. You can actually hear the deep bass. The highs are also very clear. I tried this with a bunch of different kinds of music and genres and pretty much I was very satisfied with what I heard. These don’t sound like your listening to music with tin cans like some other earbuds do. These actually sound almost as good as a pair of full sized headphones which in my book, is great for something of this size.

These earbuds also feature environmental noise cancellation (ENC). ENC is supposed to filter out the noise so you can spend more time enjoying your tunes. Does it work? I really don’t know. I mean with the music on, it’s pretty hard to hear what’s going on around you. With the music off, I can hear most of everything outside just fine. It doesn’t work like active noise cancellation so don’t expect any miracles.

Control wise everything, is touch based. Tap once on either earbud to play/pause. If you hold down the right earbud, you can skip to the next track. If you hold down the left one, it goes back to the previous track.  Double tapping the right earbud raises the volume while double tapping the left one lower is. If a call comes in, you can just tap to answer and tap again to hang up. Lastly, triple tap either earbud to activate whatever Voice Assistant you’re using.

Overall, the controls work quite well. I do also like the fact that with these, you can choose to also just wear one earbud and it can be either the left or right one. IT doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Tranya Rimor

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great pair of wireless earbuds, take a look at the Tranya Rimor. There’s just a lot of like about them. The case is small and pocketable. If you have a newer smartphones, it most likely charges via USB-C cable which means you can use the same cable to also charge up the case. Lastly, these sound terrific for their size. I usually always default back to full headphones for my music, but with these, I don’t really have to. They sound that good. These are one of the best sounding wireless earbuds I’ve used in a long time.

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