Believe it or not I been trying to go the minimalist route typically with everyday things I carry. Well as much as possible anyway. First off, I slimmed down from a bulky wallet thanks to Ekster and now I wanted to do the same thing with my keys. Getting tired of the key jangling and the fact of misplacing my keys in the house here and there. This is where KeySmart has come into play.


KeySmart Pro is a rather small cylinder type organizer that uses an aluminum frame while there are two stainless steel bolts driven into each side. Out the box it comes assembled but of course to add your keys you need to disassemble.

It’s an easy task and can be done with a penny you have laying around. What you then do is decide what how you want your keys presented and throw them on each bolt. It holds up to 10 keys so choose wisely. I put on 8 keys including a fob for my job. If any reason one side looks uneven you can use the included risers. Once that’s done just put the top part on and screw away. Just make sure you don’t screw it too tight as you want your keys to be able to swivel in and out of course. Also, KeySmart provided a bottle opener which has a loop on the end that I have my apartment fob on.

As per the title KeySmart Pro also utilizes Tile. You can download the app and setup. If you have an account like I do I added KeySmart easily. It emits a decent sound which you can hear.


I have been enjoying the organized feel I get from KeySmart Pro. My pockets don’t feel bulky anymore and I’m not flipping through keys as much. One suggestion I would have is whatever keys you use the most put on the top or both and not in the middle. Also adapt to pushing them all out at times to get a particular key. Tile has been handy with it being built-in and the LED flashlight is cool, but I rarely used it nor is it even that bright. It can be charged via microUSB.


Using the KeySmart Pro over the past month makes me wish I had one of these before. Its durable and get rid of a clutter of keys. I imagine if you have more keys then can fit you might want to get a couple of them. They come in a variety of colors and you can get additions such as pocket clips and even flash drives if necessary.

KeySmart Pro retails for $59.99 but you can find on their website and other E-tailers in the $49.99 range.

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