Today Google unveiled it lastest hardware device,but we really already knew a lot about most of it. What we didn’t know at least from my perspective and reported on was what devices we would really be looking forward to using or checking out.

The event today felt like Google flew by the presentation as it talked about each of the devices it had for announcement. Maybe it is because most of it was leaked by others or Google themselves, so there was no need to go in detail on each item besides the phone. But as a recap Google announced the following devices today. For starters it opened up with Stadia and the brief announcement that it would be available November 19th. No new game addition, no further details just the release date. Then there was the new Google Pixel Buds, which are truly wireless now no cable in the middle. Then we literally hopped, skipped, and jump in and quickly back out about the Google Pixelbook Go. We moved passed that rather quickly and went into a line of Nest branded products. The Google Mini is now called the Nest Mini and Google WiFi is now Nest WiFi with some new features, colors, and design changes. All this was talked about before we jumped into the main event for the Pixel 4.

So now that we covered what they announced, let’s get to what to be excited about. First the Google Pixel Buds. They will be going for $179 which is pretty in line with other truly wireless earbuds. Pixel Buds will have 5 hour play time and 24 hours when use with its charging case. I’m excited about this as I’ve used the Pixel Buds and the wired ear buds they have as well, and I do like them when it comes to feel and sounds. They only reason I don’t use either more is because of the wires between them. This may not be everyone, but for me I’m trying to live in a wireless world and now that the Pixel Buds have unlocked the chain between them I’m excited. They come in a variety of colors Oh So Orange, Clearly White, Quite Mint, and Almost Black. The features like Google translation, the assistance in something designed for the Pixel you’ll want if you’re a Pixel owner. And if not, they are still a decent pair of ear buds if they have built on their past iterations. The only part that sucks is them not being available until Spring 2020…..really….*heavy sigh*

Now besides the Google Pixel Buds, the only other real thing to get excited about is the Pixel 4. Yes the new Nest Mini and WiFi look like some cool devices to own, but they don’t bring the wow factor. A new Mini is cool, but when you have the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, the Mini just doesn’t have much wow anyone. In my home I literally only have a mini in the kitchen left as all of the bedrooms I’ve replaced with Nest Hubs now. Google new Nest WiFi is cool and I truly recommend it, but its position is in the background and the new ones meant to blend in. There isn’t anything wow about something playing the background position. And the Google Pixelbook Go, I’ll have to see if we can get one of those to see if it has the chops to wow after some use as first glance doesn’t do what the original Pixelbook did.

But back to this Google Pixel 4. Yes we all knew what kind of camera and specs it has, almost all was leaked about it before hand, but to see some demonstration of what the phone can do using technology like Radar, HDR, and the Google assistant is all very exciting. We’ll be reviewing the Google Pixel 4 XL and our sister site TechWeLike will be checking out the Pixel 4 so there will be more thoughts later, but the Pixel 4 is a phone to be excited about. There is also a new app for it called Recorder and if you have ever needed to record an interview or speech or take notes to yourself, this is looking like a god send. I know for sure my wife would have loved this app/features when she was completing her Master’s Degree. This year the Pixel 4 will come in the colors Clearly White, Almost Black, and Oh So Orange. Pricing starts out at $799.

All in all there is definitely some very cool products I’m looking forward to checking out from Google, but chief among them is the Google Pixel Buds, and the Google Pixel 4. After that maybe the Pixelbook Go but we’ll see. Did you watch the livestream? If so what devices caught your attention?

Let us know in the comments.

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