A few months ago, we reviewed Gunnar Optiks Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Themed gaming glasses. Well, Gunnar Optiks was kind enough to send me a new pair except, this time the glasses are prescription. I wanted to use them over time to truly give my opinion on how well they worked and if I would recommend them to anyone. The Gunner Optiks Gaming glasses worked exceptionally well, so I knew this experience would be the same. To be sure, I used the prescription glasses as my everyday glasses over a 6 month period. I put my previous prescription glasses aside and picked up the Gunnar Optiks glasses. I used them at work, while gaming, streaming, and even driving. The same set of tasks I would use my regular glasses for.


Gunnar Optiks Selections

Gunnar Optiks gave me the opportunity to pick from the list of stylish frames they provide. This was a tough task at first since they all looked appealing. It is just a matter of what stands out the most to you. The pair I selected was based on style and color. In the end, I have never really owned a pair of graphite grey glasses. The Phenom style with the Graphite grey color stood out to me. What was truly appealing with these frames is the shape as they have a slim and sleek look to them. Nothing like my normal style of prescribed frames.

The slim rims with a curved but square look give them a sense of style. Slim temples that slightly transition into triangle like ends with rubber inserts. The arm and nose pads that can be removed or replaced if broken. This was big for me as I am not really a fan of nose pads and normally avoid glasses that have nose pads. Even though I used the glasses with the nose pads for a short period and it was pretty comfortable. I did later remove them though, it was more of a mental thing than an annoyance type thing. 

Now that I had a frame, I needed to select lenses. I went with the clear computer lenses which i figured be more practical for everyday use. These were the Clear lens which are #35 on the Blue Light Protection Factor(BLPF) list. Although I wish I would have paid closer attention and selected the clear lens with the transition. My eyes are very sensitive to light and most of my lenses have transition because of it. This was negligence on my part. In my defense, I was excited about working with Gunnar Optiks on another product and didn’t thoroughly do research on what I wanted. I got the Progressive-Computer lens type.


Similar to the Assassins Creed themed glasses, their prescription glasses have the same technology. Computer users, like myself, spend hours in front of a screen which increases digital eye strain. This causes you to have symptoms of headaches, dry eyes, irritation, blurred vision, eye fatigue, and other bodily aches. These are all symptoms Gunnar Optiks glasses focus on preventing. The focus is to assist their customers in protecting their eyes while making them look fancy. Check out the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enigma Article for more detailed information.

Before Gunnar Optiks :

My Previous Joints

Being in information technology my workday is spent in front of several screens. I need to have multiple windows open at a time, one screen limits my productivity. The amount of irritation I experienced before Gunnar Optiks was unbearable. Some days I would come home and go into my room turn off the lights and have to go to sleep to stop my head and eyes from killing me. At times the pressure on my eyes would not subside after taking Advil or Tylenol. The only way to stop the pain would be to close them and at times take a nap.

The struggle was real! You would think that after a day of staring at screens all day at work, I would come home and take a break. Nope, I was in school. I would come home and have a paper or article to write. In turn, only increasing my irritation more and causing more damage to my eyes, as I found out later. That is not all, I’m a gamer, not just a gamer but also a streamer and content creator. My streaming setup also consists of multiple screens. Puts me in front of the screens again. I’m a gluten for punishment to say the least. If I did not experience fatigue throughout the day, guaranteed I experienced fatigue later on. The amount of blue light hitting my eyes for sixteen to eighteen hours a day was serious.

After Gunnar Optiks :

Rocking Those Phenom Graphite Grey Gunnar Optiks

When I received the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enigma glasses and started looking further into the company I noticed all the technology behind the glasses. I was intrigued and wanted to know more about Gunnar Optiks and their product. This is when I truly became educated on blue light and the damage it can cause to your eyes. Not to mention the damage it was causing to my eyes, from an Eye doctor visit.

My experience with those glasses was a life changer, it made a huge impact on how my eyes handled being in front of screens. I knew the Prescription glasses would be a game changer for me. The good news was I would only need to wear one pair instead of the two like when I reviewed the gaming glasses.

The Prescription Gunnar Optiks Glasses did not disappoint, they worked as expected. Since using them I have not experienced any issues. I use them every day, all day. No matter how long I sit in front of all my screens, my eyes are fine. No more having to go home and take a nap, no more dreadful times working with a massive headache. The days of my eyes burning from being dry and needing a break are gone. I can go through my day stress-free and pain-free.

Final Thoughts:

Streaming With Gunnar Optiks on My Face

These glasses improved my experience on and off the stream. It made working, gaming, and using my mobile device so much easier. The light from my screens did not bother me and I could play without having to worry. What made them truly hit home for me was the fact I was able to see and did not need to take them off and put on my actual glasses. This forced me to put my glasses I recently had replaced aside and use the Gunnar Optiks Prescription glasses as my primary glasses.

The stylish look of the glasses stood out. People complimented me all the time on my glasses. I am so proud to tell them what type of glasses they are and the company I got them from. I am truly pleased with the experience and the product Gunnar Optiks provided. I could not have asked for a better experience. I think my eyes are more thankful for them then I am. I know if I ever need to renew my prescription, I am heading to the Gunnar Optiks site and having them renew it for me.

When that time comes I will make sure to select the transition feature. I highly recommend you do the same, it will change your life and your eyes will thank you for it. Huge shout out to Gunnar Optiks for the pair they sent me, they made me a believer.

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