Today T-Mobile held Uncarrier NEXT(aka 15) to unveil some new ways they would shock the mobile industry and flip it on its head. I been to many of the Uncarrier events including the first one and while some are groundbreaking others tend to be okay moments so I was interested to see what else they can do to an industry they pretty much changed up.

One of the first announcements is what they are calling “T-Mobile’s Team of Experts”. T-Mobile is trying to eliminate the automated systems and bring you to a live rep or should i say “expert” right off the bat. Experts will be able to assist you in real-time and should be able to fix any issues without being transferred to another agent. From how it sounds T-Mobile is basically training their agents to be a one-stop shop and troubleshoot and resolve most or all issues. It’s not the first time I seen this as there are some cable providers such as Spectrum(formerly TWC) that have been doing this for years. Also based on the info you can chat with an agent via IM, iMessages and the app. I have done full convos for issues via T-Mobile’s chat before so it’s not totally farfetched to see.

The second announcement involves T-Mobile partnering with Live Nation to give customers exclusive access to last-minute reserved seats and discounted tickets for particular Live Nation shows. T-Mobile will have tickets to sold out sections at least 30 days before the show starts. Also they will $25 ALL IN tickets to certain artists which starts on August 21st. I recall they did something w/ Kesha and Mackelmore for their tour about a month or two ago.

The 3rd reveal comes in a form of a free subscription to Pandora. T-Mobile will give you access to Pandora Plus for a full year starting also on August 21st. This isn’t a bad deal for those already subscribed or are interested in the services. I feel like it’s an interesting jab at Verizon who just setup a deal to give their Unlimited customers Apple Music free for six months.

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