A few weeks back we got the opportunity to rock out with JBL and Under Armour to get hands-on with their latest collaboration which is the Sport Wireless Train headphones. While we did a full on workout we primarily used them to test out the audio portion on various DJ equipment. Since then I have taken my own personal time with these JBL x UA headphones and tell you how they fare for the daily use and workout.


Like most JBL headphones I have tested they have weight in mind and the Sport Wireless Train are pretty light. First off we get to see where Under Armour came into play utilizing their SuperVent tech on the earcups. It has a breathable fabric material which you can see and feel that assists in soaking up any sweat. It’s completely removable too if you need to hand wash. The inner headband also has similar materials to combat sweat as well. Outer part of the headband is plastic with the Under Armour logo embossed on it. Headphones are rated IPX4 so you wouldn’t have to worry about that intense session you have anyway.

Ear Cups are hexagon shaped with a slight matte black rubber type finish which assists with gripping while hands maybe sweaty. Both sides have the UA logo but the right ear utilizes their TalkThru Button. More on this later. The Sport Wireless Train has foldable ear cups so they can be placed inside the included hard case is actually outfitted with SuperVent as well so you can air those headphones out after working out. It’s a nice sturdy rugged case too as I have thrown in and out my bag and not taken a scratch yet.

Left ear hides a microUSB port for charging while the right side has volume controls, and a switch for power and bluetooth synching. JBL did a good job with this as the power switch and play/pause button has a rigid style for a better feel and the volume controls stick out a bit and are curved and pointed.

Features / Sound

As mentioned earlier with these being designated for workouts, JBL has one of the UA logos as a button to embrace their TalkThru tech. What it basically does is lower the volume for you can still hear your tunes but turns up the mics so you can hear others around you. I have seen it on other headphones for a while and some are hit and miss with it. JBL has got it right with it slowly lower the volume and creep back up when you are done chatting. Sport Wireless Train also state they have a 16 hour battery life while if needed can get 1hr on a five-minute charge. I’ll say using these over the past few weeks I can’t even remember how often I had to run to the charger on these. Battery life on wireless headphones is super important and thankfully JBL had it in the forefront of their minds. Bluetooth connectivity has been good using it with a OnePlus 6 and Galaxy Note 8. Didn’t really run into any break ups in sound.

Definitely not missing a beat while running with the Sport Wireless Train. Audio quality on these are great giving you a clean sound while providing a nice amount of bass without being too heavy. There is just about the right amount of thump. These are using JBL’s Charged Sound which really makes the sound stand out and come at you.


Prior headphones I used by JBL such as the Everest Elite 750s gave me slight disconnection issues at times but never came across this one time with the Sport Wireless Train which was a pleasure. These are on-ear headphones and like most for me anyway they can feel a bit snug on the head. Wish they had a bit more space but I can see if you are working out with these you need them secure as possible. They have been great at capturing sweat too which I come across after heavy periods of headphone usage.


It’s nice to see a pair of on-ear headphones actually dedicated to workouts and the gym. JBL teaming up with Under Armour to utilize their SuperVent materials is a great move and shows UA’s eye for fitness. Sound quality is nice and the Talkthru button is go for that person asking if you are done with the machine. They are a bit snug for me and wish they were spaced just a little more. Overall if you need good sound and are intense sweaty workout beast you should give the Sport Wireless Train Headphones a listen for $199.95


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