Originally released for the PS4 last summer, Crash Bandicoot’s N Sane Trilogy makes it ways to other consoles and one popular handheld in particular the Nintendo Switch. I remember sitting with the developers last year and it seemed like it would be a PS4 exclusive but I imagine how popular nostalgia wise and also the sales numbers helped make it a multi platform title. Interestingly enough this makes Crash’s first appearances on any other consoles besides Sony’s PlayStation various systems. How well does it fare making the leap to Nintendo’s realm?


N Sane Trilogy reintroduces Crash Bandicoot to a new world of gamers and also quite a few old heads that first picked up a PlayStation controller back in 1996. Crash was realistically Sony’s unofficial mascot appearing in various commercials throughout the PlayStation 1 era. All three games came out between 1996-1998 and leaped over each title in the series.

The games basically take place with Crash being created by villain Doctor Neo Cortex and his henchman Nitrus Bio and trying to stop them from taking over the world and saving his girlfriend in the process.

Interestingly with this remastered trilogy of Crash Bandicoot the developers decided to add a level cut from the first game called “Stormy Ascent” and build an entire new level called “Future Tense” for the 3rd game. Both push the difficulty levels to the edge and can lead to hours of fun and frustration.



Playing a Crash Bandicoot is pretty simple as it’s a 3D platformer title and it takes you on a linear path. You can jump, slide, spin, and pounce on enemies, boxes and also gain power ups to the point they make you invincible. There are treats such as collecting gems to fully complete Crash levels. There are checkpoints, time trials and auto saves that have been added to the remastered titles.


Crash is easy to pick up and play especially on the Nintendo Switch. While I do have it on the PS4 pro in its 60fps of glory it’s nothing like having Crash on the go. Load times are virtually nonexistent and there isn’t any lag either. For a ported remastered title it looks and plays good on the Switch and gives a ton of replay value thanks to it being a compilation of three games. It has a zany storyline that will keep you busy for hours and that’s not even counting the new levels.


Comparing the Switch version to the PS4 title the only real noticeable thing is the detail in graphics especially when playing in portable mode. Colors aren’t as sharp and vivid as playing on the big screen. Of course if you never have the chance to compare the two you might not realize much of a difference. I also wish you could turn off the haptic feedback on the Switch as it can get a bit annoying at times. You can’t seem to do so on the PS4 version either but you aren’t also holding an entire screen too. Controls could be tightened up a bit but Crash game always felt like they had a delicate feel to them anyway.

FYI: N Sane Trilogy does not support Nintendo Switch’s video capture feature. 


Vicarious Visions did a bang up job of remastering the Crash series and porting them over first to the PS4 and now the Switch. There is a ton of replay value and it’s a fun game to have on the go. Graphically it doesn’t look bad but might feel a bit dated even with the touch up for some newer gamers. But for the price of $40 I think it’s worth having in your Switch collection and gaming on this classic from the 90s.

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