I been using the BlackBerry KEY2 for a good part of a month now and while I enjoy it to a certain extent one of the biggest gripes I found is that it doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi calling. In my apartment I get pretty crappy to no reception no matter what carrier it is so I pretty much rely on it with T-Mobile. Interesting enough the KEY2 has the ability to use Wi-Fi calling but you have to dig deep into the hidden settings.

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Here are two ways to get Wi-Fi calling on the BlackBerry KEY2 if you haven’t: 

  • This one is fairly easy and can be accessed from the Phone Dial screen. You can type in *#*#46368676#*#* or even copy it and it will bring up a hidden phone information screen. Here you can actually check out some interesting stats about your device. But anyway what you would want to do is click on that first tab that says “Phone Info”. From there scroll to the bottom where it says “Wi-Fi calling provisioned”. All you have to do is click on and the feature has been enabled.
  • Another option is downloading an app in the Google Play Store called “QuickShortCutMaker”. Once downloaded you will open it up and see the “Applications” tab. Scroll down to the section that says “Phone Services” click on that scroll down and click on “Wi-Fi Calling” that is in the Phone Services tab. Once you do that you will press on “Try” and it will bring up a “Wi-Fi Calling” section. There you can flip the switch and Wi-Fi Calling is enabled. Interestingly with this option you get the wifi phone icon at the top and when you make a call you get that “congrats on first wifi call” stuff. You will also notice there will be the signal icon whenever you calls now and appears at the bottom of the dialer as well. 

Here’s a quick video showing both ways of enabling Wi-Fi Calling.

So I have tried both these steps numerous times and succeeded on each. One thing I have noticed though is once I reset my BlackBerry KEY2 I lose the Wi-Fi calling functionality and have to flip the switch again. If you don’t reset your device often that’s fine but its a good thing to know. I’m hoping BlackBerry pushes out some form of update to make this stick as consumers needing to go thru this periodically is annoying. Also this isn’t really adding or modifying anything in your KEY2 as the setting is there but just hidden. Now I have been using this with T-Mobile so not sure if it will work the same on other carriers but hopefully garners same results. 

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If you have any questions or other suggestions or even if Wi-Fi calling works perfectly for you leave a comment below.

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