It’s so hard to say goodbye

It’s a sad day in the portable gaming world or is it? We all enjoyed playing our PS Vitas and some of us still have our PS Vitas. We may from time to time pull them out for a little gameplay. Sony has stated that they will no longer create physical cartridges for the PS Vita. They will, however, continue to provide digital copies of games that we can download straight to our PS Vita and continue the portable playing party. The bigger question would be, does this mean that digital versions of newer games will also not be available for the PS Vita? If that is the case then it is a sad day indeed. The one thing we can say is that we did have a blast while it lasted. We will always have our memories of being that gamer on the subway, bus, or airplane gaming away while everyone else looked on with envy. The PlayStation Portable devices will be missed, we can only hope that they decide to come out a newer model in the future.

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