We have reported on Scufgaming controller in the past and as always Scuf never disappoints with their controllers. Well here we are again as ScufGaming has released a new controller and man is it something to look at, this thing is a complete work of Art. Scufgaming understands the struggles gamers go through with regular remotes. Their goal is to ensure that gamers experience total comfort when using a Scuf controller. Scuf has achieved that goal with the Vantage controller. This controller has your normal Scuf triggers underneath, that you can customize for better gameplay and comfort. They went a step further with adding side triggers, that means that along with having R1, R2, L1, and L2, you now also have S1 and S2. Think about the possibilities of what those buttons can be used for. They have also added a touchpad for volume control along with being able to mute and unmute your connected mic. Also, like your normal Scuf style the controller is customizable, meaning all parts are interchangeable.


Man, oh man this thing is like a gamer’s dream controller, the only thing they have not thought of is it auto-playing a game for you. The overlook and style of the controller are also not disappointing, with all the cool added features it still has that appealing eye that makes you want to purchase it just for its look. It comes in different colors along with the purchaser being able to custom design their own Vantage remote. The price tag is also your normal Scuf controller price tag with $169.95 for wired for $199.95 for wireless. You are able to pre-order the Vantage Controller via GameStop or Scuf.

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