How many of you wish you could charge your phones wirelessly without the need to plug in? I know it can be a pain looking for a charging cable sometimes around the house when you just want to charge up for a bit not to mention how ugly those cables can look just laying around. Well, wireless charging has been around for a bit now but the problem with that is that only a few devices had wireless charging capabilities. That’s not really the case anymore as many of the top smartphones have it now from Samsung, LG, and others along with Apple and their iPhone. I’ve always been fascinated by it but never had a device that could do it until now. That’s to the LG V30, I took the plunge and picked up an iClever Fast Wireless Charger to give wireless charging a go.


The iClever Fast Wireless Charger is a nice little unit. It’s round, about 4-inches in diameter, and not very thick at all. It doesn’t take up that much space and looks much better than a random cable. The top is lined with anti-slip leather and the base has rubber feet to keep everything securely in place. The unit itself is made of aluminum and the unit as a whole has a very nice feel to it. It never feels like it gets hot and for the most part, a very solid build.

You will have to provide your own charging plug however as it only comes with a USB cable. Since most devices come with a charging plug anyways, you should have no trouble finding one laying around.


There isn’t much to using this. Just plug it in and make sure your device supports wireless charging. According to the specs, the iClever Fast Wireless Charger can fast charge certain Samsung Galaxy devices and everything else is just standard charging. I don’t have a Samsung device to test this on and the LG V30 on this only supports the standard charging.

I’ve only been using this to fully charge my device at night and when I feel like just adding a bit of juice here and there when I’m in my office. It’s good for a few percent here and there.So far, it’s worked quite well for fully charging at night and I haven’t yet come across any abnormal behavior.

With that said, the iClever unit has a smart chip that detects heat and controls the charger temperature under safe conditions. It has multiple protection against over-heating, excessive voltage, excessive current and short-circuit.

Final Thoughts

While I’m a little disappointed that my LG V30 doesn’t provide fast charging with this device, the iClever Fast Wireless Charger works quite well with it. I like that I don’t have to go searching for a cable and can just plop my phone on top of the charging pad. I also like that when I Want to use my phone, I don’t have to unplug anything and can just pick it up to use and place it back down when I want it to go back to charging. It makes life a bit more simple, even if it’s just something really little like plugging and unplugging a cable.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied. As far as my first foray into wireless charging, I would call this a success. In fact, I wouldn’t mind picking up more of these so I can have them around the house making it more convenient for my whole family to charge their devices.

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