Destiny 2 newest DLC is coming officially on Dec 5th and guardians who have completed just about anything there is do with Destiny 2 thus far should rejoice in more activities. The Curse of Osiris is the name of the new DLC. Not much is known about what will be included in the Curse of Osiris but what we do know based on the trailer is that Osiris is “The most notorious guardian there has ever been” according to Ikora and who knows if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

The new DLC also opens up Mercury as a playable stage. If you weren’t able to get there as a result of going flawless in the Trials. You can go now. All in all, expect to see some new armor, weapons and possibly a new game mode. Something horde style similar to the Prison of Elders could be likely but do not expect a raid. It’s not going to happen as I see it. This looks to be an interesting DLC and if you’re an avid Destiny 2 player then it’s an exciting time for you. Again, look out for The Curse of Osiris on Dec 5th.

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