I tell you no lie when I say that ASTRO GAMING is my preferred gaming headset making. From being a company I never heard of, to one where I can’t wait to see what they release next. G Style Magazine has covered Astro Gaming through the years. My primary headset as a PS4 owner is the ASTRO GAMING A50, but with a retail price of $299.99 it isn’t a pair everyone will decide to swing for. Recently ASTRO GAMING came out with the A10 wired headset at a price of $69.99. It came is highly durable, sounds great and at a price comfortable enough to be accessible. I’m used this pair of headset on my Macbook Pro when I want to remote play, but honestly I’m a wireless man! And when I heard that the wireless A20s where coming out, I had to take a look.

Setup And Getting Started

The ASTRO GAMING A20 pair I have is for PS4, but can also be used with a PC or MAC. Included in the box is introductions for all three setups. For the sake of this review I’m setting it up with my Macbook Pro. Included with the A20 is a Wireless transmitter, a TOSlink cable, and two MicroUSB cables. The setup for the Mac is pretty straight forward.

Plug in the transmitter to the Mac with the USB cable and make some setting changes on the Mac. It literally took make 5 minutes to get it all hooked up! No need for too many extra cables around, the transmitter gets its power from the Macbook Pro and you can charge the headphones from the transmitter. This keeps the amount of wires you do need down to a few. Nice touch all around!


I really must say, ASTRO GAMING has done a great job with this one. If you like me and want a secondary headset to use with Remote play on your Mac/PC and don’t want to lug around your primary pair, this is what you want. If you haven’t picked up a gaming headset yet but looking for something that is wireless and won’t cost an arm and a leg, this is what you want! The ASTRO GAMING A20 is an amazing pair of gaming headset. Super comfortable, and the sounds was awesome on them. From the ease of setup, to placing them on and getting to gaming the A20 works without problem. For my testing I played a little Destiny 2 and while I want to say the A20s aren’t as loud as the A50s, they sounded loud enough while I did a few missions. I also had no problem while talking in a few test party chats, I can be heard pretty clearly. The flip to mute mic comes in handy when you need to mute quickly and then resume chat.

All in all with the A20 headset, I MAY just may game more from Remote play and my Macbook Pro than my actually PS4 system!

Why You Need the A20

The ASTRO GAMING A20 costs either $149 or $159 depending on which of the 4 versions you may pick. It comes in 4 version/colors. Blue/Black or Call of Duty Navy that is compatible with the PS4 and Green/Black or Call of Duty Silver that is compatible with the Xbox One. All version are also compatible with a PC or Mac.

For $149/$159 you are getting a sweet gaming headset with great quality (very durable construction), 15+ hour battery power, excellent sound quality, and from a brand that has consistently produced quality products. The A20s will officially become my gaming headset of preference for my Remote Play sessions, and I urge you to check them out and let me know how you will be using them!

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