Does a perfect case exist? I don’t think so. While many might come close, it’s really difficult to find that one case that just ticks all your boxes because right around the corner, you’ll find another case that’s just a tiny bit better than the one you’re using. That’s just the nature of things and honestly, I don’t mind switching my cases from time to time to keep things fresh and new. What this means is that I’m checking out another case and the latest case I’m checking out for my gigantic LG V20 is the Parallax case from Caseology.

The Parallax case is the only case Caseology makes for the LG V20. The main body is made of TPU material while the border around the case is made of polycarbonate. What this means is that the TPU provides a good amount of shock protection while the polycarbonate is mainly for drop protection. The combination of both looks really good especially with the color combinations Caseology has for the Parallax. If you don’t see a color combination you like, it is possible to mix and match pieces from two different cases as the polycarbonate border can be detached from the TPU body.

The main feature of the Parallax case however is its textured back. It’s a geometric pattern that’s supposed to provide better tactile feedback and grip. To an extent, it does though it’s still a tad bit slippery because of the material. It would probably be more grippy if it used silicone instead of TPU, but then I wouldn’t be using this case because I absolutely hate silicone. Silicone is one of those materials that never looks clean because it’s a lint and dirt magnet. TPU isn’t so the Parallax case will always look it’s best no matter where it’s been.

The Parallax case is also pretty darn slim. It doesn’t add too much bulk to the already large LG V20 and feels really good in your hands. The built in volume buttons are easy to use and all the necessary cutouts are available. This case fits like a glove and is one of the better looking and more stylish cases I’ve used on the LG V20.

Are there any downsides to this case? Not really. It looks like it’ll give you an above average level of protection while still remaining quite slender. I like that it’s not a lint magnet because I keep my phone in my pocket all the time and the the geometric pattern on the back gives the other wise boring back on the LG V20 a bit of style.

With that said, if you’re looking for a good looking case that will protect your LG V20 while not adding a lot of bulk, check out the Parallax case by Caseology.

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