With so many devices in our possession now, it can be a huge hassle trying to charge them all at once. A lot of devices can now be charged with just a simple USB cable, but that cable needs to be plugged into a power source such as a charging block/wall outlet, a computer or laptop with powered USB ports, or a charging dock. It’s simple finding a place to charge 1 device but once you get into multiple devices, trying to find a place to charge them all at once can be a huge hassle. That’s where the Just Mobile AluCharge comes into play. The AluCharge is a 4-port USB charger that will charge multiple devices simultaneously with one power supply.

The Just Mobile AluCharge is an “intelligent charging” solution, meaning it will deliver exactly the right amount of power to your devices, whether it be an iOS device, an Android device, or any other device you might have. There really isn’t too much cover here other than the fact that the AluCharge works. I’ve used it to charge my iPhone, my iPad, my many Android devices, back up battery packs, smartwatches, my PS Vita, and even used it to charge my PlayStation 4 controllers. It charged everything I threw at it without missing a beat.

Because the AluCharge is meant to be a desktop charging solution, it really helped organize my space. I no longer had to use multiple wall charges to charge all my devices and I could more easily plug and unplug cables as needed.

In terms of looks, the AluCharge is pretty good looking with a very minimalistic design. The main body is covered with a unibody aluminum casing and will match most modern devices that also use aluminum. There’s just one cable you need to plug into the back of it and that goes to your wall outlet or power strip. The front 4 USB ports which will allow you to charge 4 devices simultaneously.

That’s it. It’s a simple devices that looks good and works as advertised.

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