I came upon the original Tile about a year or so ago liked to keep it in my wallet as I have tended to misplace my wallet at times. Either left it in a pair of pants or it mixed in with other things. Seeing as my wallet is black it was easy to lose in my household. I decided to keep a Tile in my wallet for this issue alone and it has worked but the main issue is that the original Tile was a bit cumbersome when mixed with everything else in there. Luckily Tile saw this and decided to remodel the Tile into two models with the Tile Slim and the Tile Mate.


The Tile Slim is about the thickness of maybe two business cards. There isn’t much to the Tile Slim as there is no keyhole like the OG Tile or the revised Tile Mate. The Tile insignia is a button that can be used to silent the Tile after being found or even used to find your phone. All the back is a pinhole which is the speaker. It’s not the longest speaker in the world but it should help find wherever you put it once in range. Also, the Tile Slim is graded IP5 which would make it water resistant.


As I keep it in my wallet daily I frankly only use it when in need. It always helps in scenarios when I’m rushing out the house for work to attend an event. Before I used to waste time looking all over the place but now I just grab my iPhone, pull up the app and walk around to hear the sound emitting from the Tile. I do wish it was slightly louder though as I felt the original Tile and Tile Mate are.

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Do You Need it?

For the price of $25(something $30) you get about one year battery life with the Tile Slim. When it gets around the 11 month mark it will start getting you notifications it’s time to switch out. With this you can either buy another one or get a discounted one via their ReTile program which gives you 50% off. You can also buy them in packs, give one to a friend or family member, even give them the ability to locate your Tile at times too.

Tile has been a great little piece of tech for me and I don’t know what I do without it. If you want to keep track of your wallet grab the Tile Slim, and if you are good at misplacing your keys then the Tile Mate is right for you.

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