With the transition slowly going from microUSB to USB-C (or Type C) I find myself not able to use some of the battery packs I have with microUSB embedded tips. Of course, I could grab one of my battery packs that has a port to plug in a USB cable but there are times you may just forget. While I was at CES last month I stopped by the Moshi booth to check out some of their new products and this one device caught my eye particularly because I’m a heavy Google Pixel user. So, since having it in my grasp the past couple of weeks has it lived up to my expectations?


Moshi’s Ionbank Portable Battery Pack at first glance reminds me of a card holder or a wallet of some sort. It has a flap on it compromised of vegan leather (like their iPhone Napa case) when exposed shows off two cables that extend one with one end being a USB cable for charging and the other side has a USB-C cable for charging your smartphone. The rest of the battery is made of anodized aluminum which has a brushed look to it and the rest of some kind of plastic material. On the left side has indicator lights which tell you how much energy is left and an external USB port if you have other devices such as maybe an iPhone or microUSB device. I like the compact styling of the battery pack and how nice it is putting in a bookbag or shoulder bag. It’s not bad to slip in a coat pocket either. Plus, for a 5K battery it’s pretty light as well.


As I stated earlier I’m a heavy user of the Google Pixel. While battery life is good and its pretty great with quick charging it’s good to have a battery pack just in case. Using the Moshi Ionbank with the Pixel helped bring back life to my smartphone and at a nice steady rate. It also charges up fast to use it time and time again. I personally like the sleek styling of it and think it fits into the mobile lifestyle easily.


At the price of $79.99 you are realistically paying for a well-built battery pack with quality in mind. The vegan leather, aluminum and plastic is a cool combo of materials and keeps the battery super light for transport. Its good at charging your USB-C smartphone and at a fast rate. The Moshi’s IonBank Type C 5K is available now on their website.


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