moshi-napa-iphone-7-plus-caseWith the iPhone 7 Plus launching last month you might be looking for ways to protect your brand new sleek device. Of course the iPhone 7 Plus is pretty similar and design and weight to its predecessor with the exception of the dual lens camera lens on the back. So of course you are going to need something new to keep up with the times. Moshi has a series of cases to fit everyone’s need and this way I been rocking with lately is called the Napa case.


moshi-napa-iphone-7-plus-case-5The Napa case is comprised of a vegan leather backing with a brushed aluminum other rim that goes all around the iPhone. I imagine they got the name Napa from cabbage which would also be associated with vegan lifestyle. It has nice cutouts for your speaker and lightning cable on the bottom as well as for the mute switch on the side. I do have a gripe about the mute switch though as its pretty small. Unless you have nails it’s pretty hard to get into. Near that is a volume rocker toggle on the right side is the power button that matches the same silver styling.
On the back there is of course a cutout for the iPhone 7 Plus Dual Lens and also the Apple logo. It’s funny I know some people that can’t stand the logo being shown but I like the color contrast it brings with the rest of the case.

Take a Hit?

moshi-napa-iphone-7-plus-case-4As far as drops are concerned the Napa case should help you out for those accidental slips. It has a slightly raised bezel that keeps the screen from touching things face down but it’s not as thick as I have seen other cases. All depending on your usage that can be a good or bad thing. The case is also graded military graded MIL-STD-810G, SGS-certified.


The Napa case feels good in the hand thanks to its vegan leather backing its and its brilliant mix of colors is nice to see. Cutouts for the camera, lightning port and speaker are great and give space but the mute switch could have been cut wider.


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