So if you remember last year I had gotten my first iPhone and was using a Speck Candy Shell Clear Case. It worked out pretty good and didn’t even yellow as they stated. But surprisingly that’s not my favorite Speck case. Mines has always been the Speck CandyShell Grip Case especially for bigger or more “slippery” phones. It always had these textured ridges or grips that made phones easier alongside having a nice candy coated backing. As tech and smartphones are evolving so are Speck’s cases. They are slowly doing away with the CandyShell Grip and replacing it with a successor called the Presidio Grip. Is making a new Grip a good or bad thing?




So Speck has taken everything you loved about the CandyShell Grip case and given it a more redefined look in the Presidio Grip version. It still has those ridges or rather grips you are accustomed to but are now connected on each side in more of a pattern. Gone is the shiny candy coated polycarbonate plastic and its now replaced with a scratch resistant material that doesn’t start to look worn down as much (so far). They also moved the big Speck insignia and name and moved the insignia to the right part of the case in a smaller stature. I actually like this as it gives more presence to the design of the case.

There are of course cutouts for the Dual Lens Camera, lightning port, speakers and mute switch which are easily to get to. Power/Volume buttons are very responsive as well. The bezel is slightly raised like its predecessor to help combat screen scratches face down as well as some drops.

Take a Hit?



I have been using the Presidio for most of the time since I got my iPhone 7+. Its been pretty good as it being lightweight and easy to get in and out of pockets. The grip has helped a good deal as far as for taking pictures one handed and just never feeling like I’m going to drop it. But in any case I have dropped it a couple places like around the house and so forth on hardwood floors and its held up pretty good so far. Also if you look inside the case they are calling that area around the casing Impactoum for taking shock. I will say though I feel like the grips may have been slightly quality on the older cases then the newer.


Speck has never really let me down in regards to protecting my smartphones in the back and so far so good with the use of the Presidio Grip case. It makes holding a bigger phone easier for those with a hard time and its hard shell body is so far been good at taking some of the drops I have given it. Best of all it comes with a lifetime warranty. Not too many cases are offering that as I can recall.

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Speck’s Presidio Case is available on their website for $39.95

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