Gamers, I am pretty sure Blue Microphones is a household name when it comes to achieving quality voice overs for your commentaries / walkthroughs with Yeti or Snowball Mic. So it was a no brainer to provide headsets to go along with what to produce vocal wise in the eyes of Blue with the Lola.

I had the pleasure to fully test out the Blue over ear headphones, Lola. To be fair of what the headphones are set out to be I put my various favorite albums and genres to the test to see what Lola is capable of and was impressed. As a gamer though, of course I had to see how it would appeal not only to audiophiles but gamers alike.

Gamers are audiophiles believe it or not as high quality audio is very crucial to performance and gameplay. Lets dig into my full review of what I experienced with the Blue Microphone Lola Headphones.



This is G Style Magazine so of course we have to check if the style area is achieved and the Lola headphones exceeds in the style and design department. The style of Blue Microphones’ Lola is one of the best designs I’ve seen created for a set of headphones. It is more than just looks but is ergonomic for one’s comfort.

The headband is constructed with a unique multi-joint inspired by Formula Cars. I can definitely see that as the headphone collapses instead of the boring adjustable hinge that is not durable.

Over ear is not always the case with over the ear headphone, even with my miniature ears which annoys me with some brands. With the Lola I get full over ear coverage which means I can get a better sound that was meant to be achieved.


The Lola headset was designed for comfort-ability over aesthetics, which a lot of headphones try to achieve over what is important to purchasing a set of headphones – Comfort and Sound. The headband alone is re-defined to give a custom comfort to any user. So no matter if you have a huge noggin or a tiny one, you are set.

Blue Lola Headphones

If you are worried about long-lasting comfort then have no worries because, I wore the Lola while binge watching the Netflix Original “The Get Down” and that alone was about 2 hours and I didn’t get a headache because of it being tight. The ear cuffs are plush to make your ears feel like heaven.


Now we are down to the important part of choosing a pair of headphones and that is how they perform ? When it comes to a higher level in costs, of course crisp sound and hearing multiple levels in audio is what you expect. The Lola is a passive type noise cancellation headphone that comes with a set of custom 50 mm drivers.

For the noise cancellation effect Blue Microphones crafted a “sealed over ear” construct. I personally prefer this type of noise cancellation versus active which uses power over design.

To test out if the Lola was going to be like “music” to my ears I loaded up Tidal Hi-Fi, Spotify Hi Def, and FLAC audio files to see if crisp rich sound would project. The Lola headset provides just that, a crisp rich sound that lets you truly hear music that will not be drowned by unwanted bass.

Gaming with The Lola


On the Gaming end though there is a catch 22 though. Gamers live for bass and other tempos that immerse them into the game and feel like they are there. While I played Call of Duty Black Ops III, a 7.1 surround wasn’t there of course, but hearing a crisp sound from the game’s audio stood out. Playing Uncharted 4, a more intense single player experience, hearing the audio from the characters in the game was a treat.

Now here is the problem I faced, since the Lola does come with a 2.5 mm audio cable with a Mic that has controllers it is now a headset, yet it did not work when I plugged it into my headphone jack on the PS4 controller. This was a major let down because cheaper headphones that have a microphone jack let me speak through to converse with other players online. Also when I streamed I seen it was an issue as well.

The Mic though does work when I use it for call or when I am on the computer. I am not sure what the issue may be but it would be cool if Blue Microphones would make a headset accessory for gamers. I did speak to Blue Microphones on the issue and they were right on it to see how it can be fixed. In the meantime it is recommended that if the Lola is to be used having it paired with a Yeti or Snowball Mic would help on the speaking side.

Total Specs Chart

Drivers Type and Size:
50mm, fiber-reinforced dynamic driver

Impedance: 42 ohms

Frequency Response: 15Hz-20kHz

Enclosure Details:
Sealed enclosure with tuned damping materials


Soft case with cable storage pocket
1.2-meter audio cable with Apple
iPhone/iPad controls and microphone
3 meter audio cable
3.5mm to 1/4″ adaptor


Blue Microphones in general have been in the business for many of years in various industries to provide quality mics so it was a no brainer to also develop headphones to add to their robust collection.

The Lola is a sexy looking pair and best designed headphone I’ve ever seen in my life. To say their aim was not to have another pair of fashion accessory that does not perform, they killed two birds with one tech stone providing a chic tech look and a high performance headset that delivers sound correctly for audiophiles. I will say that I would love to see what Blue Microphones would want to achieve in the gaming realm because the market is there to share the quality for gamers but needs to be crafted specifically for that market.

I highly recommend Blue Microphones Lola Headphones and if you walk around with these prepare to get all the attention. These headphones will set you at $249.99 and you can pick them up at most audio and video retailers.

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