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PLAYSTATION NEO expected to be unveiled in NYC on Sept.7th

Sony PS4 Event 2016

Sony has confirmed that this upcoming September 7th in NYC they will announce and unveil what appears to be the widely speculated Playstation Neo (If they even keep that name). If you haven’t heard about the Playstation Neo, all you need to know that it’s basically an upgrade similar in fashion to what Microsoft did with the Xbox One S. It’s got bumped up specs and promises to be more focused on 4K gaming and video than the current version is. Sony decided that it was time to give the PS4 a mid-level / mid-term system upgrade while they prepare for the PS5. This falls in line with what they’ve always done with the PS systems in the past.

While not much is known about the Neo you can expect it to be an exciting day for gamers and Sony enthusiasts. The Neo will be the highlight of the event but you can expect to see some new things from the Playstation VR not limited to the headset itself. I imagine that Sony will be showing off more games for the VR and probably, hopefully some games for the NEO itself. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Mike Bitter
Mike Bitter is a born gadget head and true lover of technology. It all started with computer classes at age 10 and his first PC the Tandy 1000. From then on he found his love and he became a gamer and a PC builder and has not stopped since. He specializes in hardware, troubleshooting and custom PC building. He’s known as the “fixer” amongst his friends whenever there is a problem with a PC or a Mac. He’s also fully immersed in all things that pertain to the world of computers and gaming. He's an 80's baby and he grew up watching technology evolve from the NES to PS4 and from the Commodore 64 to the iMac. He has a unique and minimalist perspective on technology and is here to help the average person to understand technology today.


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