Monster Ghostbuster Headphones (17)
To go with the recent movie release of Ghostbusters, Monster Products has teamed with hip hop superstar NaS to create headphones that look like they were plucked right out of the franchise themselves.

Monster Ghostbuster Headphones (6)

Monster has taken known products such as the Monster Elements Over-Ear Headphones and given them a clean silver metallic design with plush white ear cups. Inside the ear cups is where you will see the Ghostbusters logo. They are collapsible and also swivel DJ style if you want to spin the turntables. They also come with a case to keep them safe and unscathed. They are wireless bluetooth music cans which pump out some pretty strong bass if you want to jam out. Valued at $500.

Monster Ghostbuster Headphones (4)

The second pair of headphones we have here are a rendition of their Ntunes headphones which actually remind of their Clarity HD headphones which you can check out a review on HERE.Now these have Ghostbusters written all over them with the patented logo showcased on the outside on both earcups and that black and yellow Ghostbusters style stripes you are accustomed to seeing. These are wired and come with a tangle free 3.5mm audio cable. Unfortunately no casing is included to protect these vibrant and stylish headphones. Valued at $140.

Now if you are a huge Ghostbusters fan or need a new pair of headphones we got a treat for you. We aren’t giving not just one but both pairs of headphones for you to rock out to. We teamed up with Monster Products to make this happen and we know there are hardcore Ghostbuster fans out there!



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