Kingston Revolver pt2

Kingston doesn’t just make flash drives and storage devices. Over the past few years Kingston has been making some really good peripherals for the gamers of the world. In fact, one the best devices that they introduced awhile back was the Hyper X Cloud series headphones.

Kingston Revolver pt1The Hyper X Cloud II released last year and they were easily one of the best set of gaming cans for gaming that you could buy. Period. Now at CES 2016 Kingston unveiled their newest entry into the gaming headphone market. The Revolver.

When you look these new cans you can see that Kingston went into the idea chamber and put together a new design that gives it look unlike what the Cloud II’s look like. The design of these cans are more futuristic and contemporary looking and I imagine they’re going be lighter and more comfortable.

From our understanding at this moment we know that the Revolver’s are going to have two versions. One with Dolby sound and one without just like the Cloud II’s. The price point more likely than not will fall in line with the Cloud II’s, ranging between $99-129. Once we get to test them we’ll have a full review ready for you.

Kingston Revolver pt4

If you didn’t get to read the review of the Cloud II’s you can read it HERE and understand why the Revolver’s are going to be just as good if not better.

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