Everywhere you look, virtual reality is trying to make its push into the mainstream. Whether it’s inexpensive solutions like Google Cardboard or more costly solutions like Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, there’s no denying that VR is pretty cool. The only real problem with VR is the bulkiness of it all. VR isn’t really something you can take out with you and even with Google Cardboard that is a collapsible solution, it’s not something that can fit in your pocket. Enter the Homido Mini VR. This is a Google Cardboard like device that clips onto your smartphone and can be folded up to fit into your pocket.

What the Homido Mini VR does is break down Google Cardboard to its bare essentials. There isn’t a fancy cardboard body mimicking those more expensive plastic ones. Instead what you get are a pair of lenses mated to a foldable plastic skeleton that clips onto your device. It’s actually a very effective and efficient design. It works just as well as a regular Google Cardboard unit and with this, you can actually still touch the screen and mess with the volume buttons.

You will need to download the Homido Center app on Google Play which is really just a way of finding apps that are compatible with it. However, regular Google Cardboard apps should work as well.

Overall, the Homido Mini VR delivers the experience of VR in a tiny package. It’s made really well and seems like it could stand up to some fairly heavy abuse. While you’ll have to pay $15 for it and not free like you Google Cardboard at times, the price is worth it for the size on convenience. It’s smaller than anything else on the market right now and that a terrific thing for portability.

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