If you were thinking about playing anything on your PS4 today, chances are you haven’t been able to and the way things are looking, you won’t be able to anytime soon, and so early in 2016. Really, Sony?

I hate to sound like a whiny, privileged 4 year old but not being able to play NBA 2k16 or finish up my last day of the Iron Banner in Destiny is really making my blood boil. I’m sure I’m not alone in my sentiment about this. Oh well, what can you do? Nothing. Sony is being unsurprisingly vague and that tells me that there isn’t a timeframe as to when this is going to be resolved. I don’t know how much of the service has been affected but it’s safe to say that it’s pretty widespread. Some of my long distance friends in Florida and Virginia are also experiencing no ability to use PSN so it isn’t just here in NY.

I guess it’s Xbox ONE for me tonight. It’s not a bad thing but this is an occurence that happens every so often with PSN and when it does it’s bad. Sony, FIX IT. It’s been like this ALL DAY. Yes, ALL DAY.

If you need to be able to see what’s going with the status of PSN you can check that HERE. Hopefully Sony can resolve this soon and I get back to my regularly scheduled gamer’s life. I’ll also be expecting some credit Sony. Thanks

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