Missy is back !!! and she came with Pharrell and puppets (when you see the video you will get it). WTF is the first official single from her upcoming 7th album. Missy calls it how she sees it about things like what passes for dancing these days and how young girls are emulating what they see other girls doing because it looks fun. It could be interpreted differently by others, but that’s what art is -open for interpretation. For those of you that think Missy is new to the scene and Katy Perry put her on, nothing could be further from the truth. I have to admit it set up the perfect timing to come off of her long hiatus. Missy has always been different and on a futuristic level which made her collaboration with Pharell make sense. She brings the creative choreography she is known for, even added some moves scooters that I’ve never seen, catchy hook, outrageous outfits and makeup that only looks dope on her. I love that she paid homage to Biggie in the video and of course anytime you get to see Les Twins (Beyonce tour) dance is a good time. I’m sure this will be another huge hit for Missy Elliott and hope this generation really gets into her music and learn to appreciate something different than what they’re used to -true artistry. So excited to see you back Missy!

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