rushIn the past, I’ve always built a lot of my computers, but over the years, I’ve gotten pretty lazy at it. It’s just so much easier to buy one that is fully built with the specs you want. Of course there’s also the fact that the ones I’ve built never looked like this thing here. The new MAINGEAR RUSH is the newest gaming desktop that features a tempered glass body, origami wiring, advanced cooling design, and state-of-the-art components. Since this is G Style, raw power isn’t everything and that’s one of the reasons why the RUSH looks so interesting. It’s a beautiful looking desktop that would look at home in a fine art museum and not just under your desk tucked away in a dark corner.

MAINGEAR’s RUSH delivers blazing fast speeds with Intel’s Extreme Edition Haswell-E or Skylake processors, pumps out spectacular graphics with up to 3 NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX Titan X or AMD® Radeon™ R9 Fury X GPUs, and supercharges the gaming experience with up to 64GBs of memory, 6 hard drive bays, and NVMe SSDs.  In addition, gamers craving more can get the most out of their system with MAINGEAR’s REDLINE, a factory tested overclocking service that safely pushes the system to maximum potential.

Like most of MAINGEAR’s gaming desktops, the RUSH also features EPIC SUPERSTOCK Liquid Cooling, MAINGEAR’s signature cooling system with dual pumps for added reliability, easy to fill extra-large reservoir with a separate backup reservoir for headache-free maintenance and increase longevity, Rigid PETG Tubing, custom fittings, and premium copper core radiators.  To complement the cooling system, the RUSH also features Intelligent Airflow Control, which automatically syncs the speed of the fan with the temperature of the motherboard.

The MAINGEAR RUSH starts at $1999 and can be customized with a variety of options.



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