MWT1 The watch is an often underrated component of any outfit, particularly in male fashion. While men spend the vast majority of their time purchasing suitable clothes and garments, they often overlook the importance of accessories and the value that a stylish watch can add to an overall ensemble. This is a huge oversight, however, and one that can prevent you from optimising a chosen outfit or even the most expensive wardrobe.

3 Male watch Trends to Look out for in 2016
While understanding the importance of a stylish watch is one thing, however, it is quite another to select one that is both trendy and compatible with your overall style.
Here are three seminal watch trends that will shape both the market and your choices as a consumer in 2016:

The Integration of Technology

MWT2 While popular watches have been driven by technology for generations, this trend will reach new and exalted levels in 2016. This is embodied by the upcoming launch of the Casio smartwatch, which is due for release in March and will be the first timepiece of this type to be manufactured by an established watch brand. This will lay down the gauntlet for others to follow, while it is also likely to popularise colourful and simplistic designs that are technology-led and equipped with a number of intuitive features.

The Rise of Multi-coloured Watches and feminine design Trends

MWT3 In recent times, we have seen the male watch market evolve considerably with regards to the application of colour and shade. The contemporary Citizen watch is the perfect embodiment of this, with the integration of vibrant gold, red and yellow tones alongside classic black and metallic grey. 2016 will also see the emergence of feminine design trends within the male watch market, with the introduction of pastel tones and sleeker straps increasingly prominent.

The popularisation of Dive and Outdoor Watches

MWT4 With the advent of the new Bond film Spectre, all eyes have been focused on the timepiece worn by the British secret agent in his latest adventure. In fact, Bond is sporting the Omega Seamaster 300 in his latest outing, with this sleek and stylish timepiece offering a number of advanced diving and outdoor functions. This is likely to trigger a high level of demand for these watches and a plethora of similar designs, with dive and sea timepieces set to dominate the consumer market at least during the formative months of 2016.

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