There are plenty of cool things to do on a night out but there is also a whole array of alternative nights out that you could be missing out on. Most of the time it’s an easy enough decision to meet up with friends down the local, to neck a few beverages and then move on to another bar or club but it can also be a costly one, both on the pockets as well as the head the morning after. But with this selection of unusual alternatives you’ll be able to save a few pennies as well as enjoy a fun-filled night out with a unique twist.

If you and your friends are looking for a challenging night out where you get to flex your brain muscles and work as a team then there are a number of new real-world gaming experiences you can get involved in. Escape Rooms at London Bridge places you and your friends in a themed and locked room for an hour where you must use your instincts, intelligence and teamwork in order to escape before your time is up.

One of the nation’s favourite pastimes has undergone somewhat of a resurgence in the last year or so mainly thanks to the rise in prominence of brands like and now all across the country a number of ‘alternative’ bingo nights are being staged to serve this surge in demand. One such alternative variation dubbed ‘Underground Rebel Bingo’ has helped to revitalize the classic game by merging bingo and mixing in music, silliness and whole lot of burlesque and other raucous performances. There are also rock and roll bingo game nights to enjoy and even indie and other musical bingo games that replace traditional number calling with that of songs being played instead. It certainly marks a change in directions away from the traditional gloomy hall and it may just be what you and your friends need to break monotonous lifestyle habits.


Forget the all too common pub crawl and instead why not venture around town for a healthier food-based alternative. There are often various food markets and food festivals being held up and down the country that offer a wide variety of tasty treats from around the world that you can experience. However, even if there is nothing on at the time around you then why not hit up a bunch of local restaurants and eateries sampling the very best that they have to offer.

If you must visit a drinking establishment of sorts on your night out then you can still find locations that offer much more than just a bar to prop up in order for you to socialize and have fun with your friends. Bounce London, which can be found in Farringdon and now Shoreditch, gives you the chance to pick up a paddle and play on your own ping pong table whilst enjoying some food and a few drinks. It is great fun and a terrific way to socialize whilst even enjoying the competitive element.

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