Technology has certainly changed the way we do many things in our lives, from the way we go to work, to the way we talk to one another, and even the way we entertain ourselves. There was a time when it was thought by many that books would eventually slip by the wayside, perhaps to be replaced by interactive movies, video games, and a number of other distractions that seem to have taken the forefront in our lives. After all, in a world of instant gratification, who really has time to sit down and read a book? Once again, however, the book proved that it will not only always have a place in our society, it will remain wildly popular with everyone. Ever since the advent of the tablet computer and a variety of eReader devices, reading has adapted with the times. There are some reading apps that are tagged as one of the best book reading apps for Android like the Nook app that brings the reading experience to any device across the board. The Android Authority seems to agree with this claim.

What you Can Expect

ebook While the “experience” of reading is often the first thing that makes people shy away from trying an eReader app like Nook, the software seeks to give readers that traditional feeling, as though they’re actually reading a book and not operating an electronic device. This software has never struggled with that at all. On Android, the user can swipe left or right to turn the pages, without feeling forced or artificial at all.

In addition to the traditional feel, however, you should note that the Nook app gives you the very modern technological opportunity to customize your reading experience. For instance, if you wanted a larger print book in the traditional way, you’d have to invest in a special copy of that book – or resort to using a magnifying glass. But with the app, you can make the text larger or smaller to suit your eyes. You can also change the font style to one of several typefaces, adjust the brightness of the page, and you can even change over to ‘night mode’ so that reading in the dark is a bit easier on your eyes.

Along with that natural feeling you will have access to more than four million pieces of media, and one million free books, including hundreds of classics. As a multi-purpose and high functioning piece of software, it will be able to take advantage of kids’ books, comics, and even newspapers.

One of the problems with magazine subscriptions is that people don’t often know what to do with back issues once they’ve been read. Shelves full of National Geographic’s famous yellow spines can take up a lot of physical space. With the Nook app, however, a subscription takes up only the space of your single Android tablet. Your magazine, newspaper, or comic book is delivered immediately to your device, too, so there’s no more waiting by the mailbox for the next issue.

Be with your Family, Even if You’re Not With Them

ebook2 In a world where we are constantly on the go and many people still need to travel for business, it is no surprise that they seek a way to be with their children and family in general, even when they can’t be there in person. The Nook app provides a solution in the form of a “Read and Record” function, meaning that you never have to miss that much expected and anticipated story time that you love to share with your children. By recording a number of sessions ahead of time, you can be prepared for the times that you can’t be there at bedtime.

Make the Reading Experience your Own

Another aspect of making this reading experience your own is the ability to create multiple profiles for yourself as well as your entire family. Each family member can have their own independent settings, and if you have young children in your household, you will be able to control what they read and even how long they read it.

Secure Transactions

Contrary to rumor, once you purchase a book, it will be yours to keep. Your purchases are kept on a shelf within the software and even left there if you choose to remove them from your device. You can always download later and enjoy the purchase that you made, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the reading world in more ways than one.

It is most definitely true that the world of books has changed, and this software has helped to usher in a brand new era, finally bringing us the reading experience we’ve all been waiting for.

[Externally Written by Jake Anderson]
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