I never thought that an additional portable light source would ever be necessary. If I needed a light, I’d usually turn to my smartphone’s built in LED flash when I’m in a pinch. The LED flash will only get you so far though as it’s not always as bright as you want it to be and you can’t really do much of anything else with your phone when you’re using it as a flashlight. I could carry a flashlight, but like the light on the smartphone, it only shines light on the spot you are facing it at and can’t really light up a whole room. So what can I use then? Why not the new Enevu CUBE, an ultra-compact LED light source that can be used as a spotlight, lantern, and even as mood lighting.

I learned about the Enevu CUBE a few months back and was intrigued by its cube like appearance and minimalistic design. It looked like a neat concept though I wasn’t too sure about how it would behave in the real world. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I finally got my hands on one and boy was a surprised by how this little thing performs. More on that later. First, the CUBE just looks like an unassuming little block. At first glance, it kind of looks like a simple Minecraft block and there’s nothing particularly eye catching about it. Flip it over and you’ll start to see that there’s more to the CUBE than meets the eye.


When you first figure out how to turn it on, you’re a bit underwhelmed by the first low light setting. It doesn’t seem like this thing would be very useful at all. Click the power button again and suddenly, the light becomes a little bit brighter and you’re like whoa, this is actually pretty bright. Click the power button one more time and it reaches its maximum brightness. At this point, you’re probably more than impressed now by how immensely bright the CUBE is.

At its highest light setting, the CUBE can light up an entire room enough where there shouldn’t be any areas of darkness. That’s something a flashlight can’t really do. This is because the design of the CUBE allows it to shine light in 360-degrees, much like what a lantern can do but in a much more portable design.


While having a portable light source is great and all it could do with a bit of fun and that’s where the 4th and 5th button presses on the CUBE come in. This turns on the colored mood lighting. When first turned on, the colors cycle through a rainbow of different hues, each slowly melting into the next. It’s quite mesmerizing and beautiful. If you prefer to keep only one color active, just tap the button again on the desired color and it will stay like that.

What else can you use the CUBE for? Plenty.

  • Use it as an emergency light in your home if your electricity ever goes out.
  • Use it as a low light nightlight if you wake up and need to fumble around in the dark.
  • Use it while camping as a light source.
  • Use it as a spotlight when you take the top off.
  • Use it for mood lighting at a party or intimate dinner.
  • And more…


There are literally tons of scenarios an Enevu CUBE can be used for that you are only limited by your imagination. For me, I’ve used it to help me take apart an HDD enclosure so I could use the drive to up the storage on my PS4 because the area I was working in wasn’t that well let. I’ve also used it to search for something in my car at night where the car’s dome lights just weren’t bright enough. These were just two of the scenarios I used the CUBE and I’m sure there will be many more.

So is the Enevu CUBE Worth getting? Totally. This is a block of light that is so versatile, it has too many uses to list. Whether you use it as a lantern, spotlight, or mood light, lighting will never really be a problem with the CUBE. Also, I didn’t mention this before, but the CUBE runs on 3xAAA batteries. What that means to you is that if you take this out camping for instance, this isn’t one of those things where you charge it up, use it till it dies, and that’s it. All you would need to do is carry around some spare batteries and you’ll be able to use this for as long as you have batteries available. And if you don’t, just pop into a store buy some. Rechargeable devices are great, but sometimes plain old, battery powered devices are better.

The Enevu CUBE is available now for $29.90 and can be picked up in four different base colors – white, black, blue, and pink. This could be the only portable light source you’ll ever need.

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